Jet Set Radio Future is Now Available on PC: Reviving the Iconic Skating Game

Jet Set Radio Future is not available on PC.

Jet Set Radio Future On Pc

Jet Set Radio Future was a unique and highly acclaimed skateboarding game released for the original Xbox in 2002. Now, for the first time ever, the game is available on PC. This critically acclaimed sequel to Jet Set Radio allows players to explore an immersive virtual world where crime and graffiti go hand-in-hand. Experience a vibrant future world filled with neon lights, classic beats, and intense rollerblading action!

An exhilarating mix of action and customization awaits players in this unique virtual world. Skate through 3 dynamic cities, grinding on rails, tagging walls with artful graffiti & playing tricks on your opponents. Modify your moves with tons of unlockable tricks & accessories! Unlock characters with special abilities and save them in your own customized crew. Challenge other crews to street battles and show off your skills! Join forces with other skaters online or tackle story mode missions alone either way youll be living large!

Jet Set Radio Future on PC offers an optimized graphics engine that helps take the gameplay experience to a new level of smoothness and clarity suited for modern platforms. But at its heart this remains the same classic game that fans know and love: hours of addictive skating action combined with deep character customization that’ll keep you coming back for more. So what are you waiting for? Get out thereit’s time to take over the streets!

Release Details

Jet Set Radio Future was released in North America on February 22, 2002 for the Xbox and on March 11, 2003 for Windows. It was published by Sega and developed by Smilebit. The game is a sequel to Jet Set Radio, which was released in 2000 for the Sega Dreamcast. The game is a 3D cel-shaded platformer in which players take control of a group of rollerblading graffiti artists as they battle rival gangs and evade the police.


Jet Set Radio Future was developed by Smilebit, a studio formed by Sega in 1999. The game is set in Tokyo-to, an alternate version of Tokyo that exists within the Jet Set Radio universe. Players take control of one of several characters as they explore Tokyo-to and its various districts while trying to stay ahead of the police who are trying to shut them down. Along the way, they must battle rival gangs, spray graffiti tags, and collect power-ups to help them progress through the game’s levels.


Jet Set Radio Future was released for both Xbox and Windows platforms. On Xbox, it supports up to four players in split-screen multiplayer mode. On Windows, it supports up to eight players online via LAN or Internet connections. It also supports voice chat over Xbox Live or through the Windows version’s built-in VoIP service.


The story of Jet Set Radio Future revolves around a group of rollerblading graffiti artists known as the GGs (short for “Graffiti Gang”) who are battling against a powerful corporate entity known as Rokkaku Group that is attempting to take control of Tokyo-to’s city districts by any means necessary. As members of the GGs, players must use their graffiti skills to tag walls across Tokyo-to while outrunning Rokkaku Group’s police forces who are constantly trying to shut them down. Along the way they must also battle rival gangs and collect power-ups that will help them progress through levels faster and with more style points than their opponents.

Plot Summary

Jet Set Radio Future follows the story of Gum (short for “Gangsta” or “Gangster”), leader of the GGs (short for “Graffiti Gang”). Gum is approached by Professor Kthe mysterious leader of an underground radio stationwho tasks him with helping to spread peace throughout Tokyo-to by covering its walls with graffiti tags from his crew’s spray cans. Meanwhile, Rokkaku Group has mobilized its own forcesled by their leader Captain Onishimain an effort to take control over Tokyo-to’s districts at any cost necessary and eliminate all competition from rival gangs such as Poison Jam and Love Shockers who are also trying to gain control over each district using their own methods such as intimidation or bribery. As players progress through each mission they must outrun or defeat Rokkaku Group’s forces while tagging walls with graffiti tags from their spray cans in order to prove themselves worthy of being part of Professor K’s radio station broadcasts which helps spread peace throughout Tokyo-to while simultaneously demoralizing Rokkaku Group’s forces and thwarting their plans for domination over its various districts.


Jet Set Radio Future takes place in an alternate version of Tokyo known as “Tokyo-to”. The setting consists mostly of urban street environments filled with colorful characters such as street vendors, pedestrians, police officers, gang members etc., each providing unique gameplay opportunities such as skate tricks off stairs or grinding along rails all while competing against rival gangs for control over each district within Tokyo-to using any means necessary such as intimidation or bribery from their spray cans filled with colorful graffiti tags that can be used to cover walls throughout each district thereby earning points towards victory against their competition while also demoralizing Rokkaku Groups forces within each district simultaneously thwarting their plans for total domination over its various districts .

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay mechanics involve using your characters rollerblades (and later vehicles) to traverse across various environments within Tokyo-to while collecting power ups that allow you perform special tricks off ramps or grind along rails while spraying colorful graffiti tags from your characters spray can on walls in order earn points towards victory against your opponents within each level whilst outrunning/defeating Rokkaku Groups’ forces attempting to thwart your progress along your mission objectives .The game features responsive controls that allow players tight maneuverability when navigating around objects within each environment allowing them quick reflexes when performing tricks off ramps or grinding along rails whilst spraying graffitied tags onto walls throughout each level .

Control Scheme

The control scheme consists mostly directional inputs on either controller/keyboard depending on platform being played on whilst pressing certain buttons/keys/triggers/analog sticks allows character specific actions such as accelerating/braking (when riding vehicles), jumping/grinding off objects , spraying graffiti etc..Players are able switch between different characters at certain points during levels allowing them access unique abilities particular characters possess like special moves when encountering enemies (i e poison jam )or shortcuts only certain characters can access(i e Beat using his skates )

Game Modes

Jet Set Radio Future features single player story mode where players take control one several different characters tasked with tagging walls throughout various missions whilst outrunning/defeating enemies attempting thwart you progress while gathering power ups help you complete levels faster more stylishly than your opponents . The game also contains multiplayer modes where up 8players can compete against one another online via LAN connection /Xbox live and up 4players via split screen mode available both versions .


Jet Set Radio Future features multiple power ups scattered around levels allowing player boost speed temporarily , double jump higher distances , blast enemies away temporarily etc.. which prove helpful when tackling difficult missions objectives later stages . It also includes upgradeable vehicles like skateboards , jet powered skates etc..that provide better maneuverability quicker speeds compared regular roller blades .It contains a vibrant soundtrack consisting music genres like funk , hip hop electronica rock etc..with artist contributions like Hideki Naganuma Imogen Heap Richard Jacques etc ..which complements cel shaded art style games visuals perfectly .

The soundtrack consists primarily music genres like funk , hip hop electronica rock etc..with artist contributions like Hideki Naganuma Imogen Heap Richard Jacques etc ..which complement cel shaded art style games visuals perfectly adding life vibrant atmosphere befitting its urban setting particularly when completing missions objectives racing against opponents amidst intense chase scenes involving cops helicopters etc

< h 2 >Reception Jet Set Radio Future received critical acclaim upon release praising its visuals responsive controls vibrant soundtrack creative level design engaging storyline amongst other aspects making it one best cel shaded games date critics citing potential replay value due numerous unlockables hidden content scattered throughout levels making return visits worthwhile experience altogether . Despite praise however some controversy arose surrounding game due use copyrighted material featured various stages without permission further resulting lawsuits between certain companies namely Microsoft Nintendo Sony Music Entertainment amongst others resulting removal content consequently removing entire stages affect versions title console counterparts only however despite this issue still praised critically upon release despite legal concerns surrounding it time

Graphics and Visuals

Jet Set Radio Future on PC is a classic cel-shaded game that has been remastered to provide gamers with a stunning visual experience. The high resolution timing ensures that all of the visuals look crisp and vibrant, making it one of the most visually stunning games on PC. The cel-shading style also ensures that the game looks unique and stands out from other titles in the genre.

Development Team

The development team behind Jet Set Radio Future on PC consists of creative directors, artists, programmers, and other professionals who have worked hard to make this game a reality. The creative directors have been able to combine their vision for the game with the technical expertise of the programmers and artists to create something truly special.

Extended Support

Jet Set Radio Future on PC has extended support for expansion packs and downloadable content that can be purchased through Steam or other digital distribution platforms. This allows players to continue experiencing new challenges as they progress through the game. Additionally, players who purchase expansion packs will also gain access to exclusive content not available in the base game.


Players will also be able to uncover Easter eggs scattered throughout Jet Set Radio Future on PC. These Easter eggs can range from secret levels or characters, to humorous references or in-game secrets that only dedicated fans may be able to uncover. Additionally, many different trivia questions are hidden throughout the game’s levels which can reward players with points or unlockables if they are answered correctly.

FAQ & Answers

Q: When was Jet Set Radio Future released?
A: Jet Set Radio Future was released on February 22nd, 2002. It was initially released for Xbox and later ported to the PC on June 24th, 2003.

Q: What is the storyline of Jet Set Radio Future?
A: The game follows a group of teenage graffiti artists, known as the GGs, who use their hover skateboards to tag locations around Tokyo-to while evading the authorities. As they explore the city and uncover its secrets, they must also battle rival gangs to protect their turf.

Q: What are the gameplay mechanics of Jet Set Radio Future?
A: The game utilizes an intuitive control scheme and a variety of game modes such as Graffiti Soul Mode, where players must tag designated locations in each stage; and Grind Attack Mode, where players must grind along rails in order to reach objectives. Players can also collect power-ups and upgrades to improve their performance.

Q: What type of graphics does Jet Set Radio Future use?
A: The game utilizes a cel-shaded style with high resolution textures for its visuals. This gives it a unique and vibrant aesthetic that has become iconic in gaming culture.

Q: Are there any additional content available for Jet Set Radio Future?
A: Yes! There were several expansion packs and downloadable content released for the game over time, providing new levels, characters, and more for players to enjoy.

In conclusion, Jet Set Radio Future is a great game for PC users that offers an enjoyable experience and a unique style of gameplay. The game has been praised for its art direction, soundtrack, and innovative gameplay. It is a great way to spend time with friends or solo, and it’s available on Steam for those who are looking for an old-school gaming experience.

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