Jim Jefferies Moist Tour Opening Act | Check Out the Hilarious Comedian Opening for Jim!

The opening act for Jim Jefferies’ ‘Moist’ tour is yet to be announced.

Jim Jefferies Moist Tour Opening Act

Jim Jefferies is set to bring his unique brand of standup comedy on the road for a new tour, and he’s bringing a special guest along with him. The Moist Tour Opening Act features rising comedy star Andrew Schulz whose energetic delivery and hilarious jokes have made him one of the funniest new talents on the road today. With Schulz taking the stage before Jefferies each night, fans are in for an extra-special evening of unforgettable laughs. Together, these two powerhouse performers will make your evening both enjoyable and memorable as they bring their combination of cutting wit and hilarious observations to life.

Jim Jefferies Moist Tour Opening Act

Jim Jefferies is an Australian stand-up comedian, actor and writer who has gained a large fan base with his unique brand of dark humour and controversial topics. He is taking his Moist Tour to the US and international venues in 2020, and he has enlisted some fantastic opening acts to join him on stage.

Tour Venues

The Moist Tour will be taking Jim Jefferies to some of the best venues in the US and around the world. In the US, he will be performing at iconic venues such as The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, The Fillmore in San Francisco, The Paramount Theatre in Austin and The Riviera Theatre in Chicago. Internationally, he will be performing at venues like Londons O2 Arena, Pariss La Cigale and Sydneys State Theatre.

Tickets Details

Tickets for Jim Jefferies’ Moist Tour are available now for American audiences through Ticketmaster or AXS. For international audiences, tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster International or local ticket vendors.

Opening Acts for Moist Tour

In the US, Jim Jefferies has enlisted popular comedians such as Ron Funches, Aida Rodriguez and Nate Bargatze to open for him on various dates of the tour. Internationally, Mike Yard will be opening for Jim Jefferies on select dates throughout Europe and Australia.

Mike Yard UK Opening Act

Mike Yard is a Jamaican-American stand-up comedian based out of London who has been making waves in the comedy industry since his early days on Def Comedy Jam. He has toured extensively throughout Europe and Australia with his unique brand of observational humour that often draws on his life experiences growing up as a Jamaican-American immigrant living in London. He is set to open for Jim Jefferies on select dates throughout Europe and Australia during the Moist Tour 2020.

DeAnne Smith Canada Opening Act

DeAnne Smith is an award-winning Canadian comedian, lauded for her unique blend of sarcasm and vulnerability. She has been seen on Just For Laughs, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and Conan. She has worked with Jim Jefferies on multiple occasions, including opening for his Moist Tour in Canada.

Background Information

DeAnne Smith began her comedy career in 2006 after graduating from the Second City Conservatory Program in Toronto. Since then she has made a name for herself as one of the most sought-after comedians in Canada. She is the winner of multiple awards, including being named Best Female Stand-Up at the Canadian Comedy Awards and being nominated for two Canadian Screen Awards. In 2019 she released her first stand-up special on Netflix called DeAnne Smith: Gentleman Elf, which garnered rave reviews from critics and fans alike.

Work With Jim Jefferies

DeAnne Smith has been working with Jim Jefferies since 2008 when he invited her to open for his show at Massey Hall in Toronto. Since then they have collaborated on multiple projects together, including opening for his Moist Tour in 2020. During these performances DeAnne showcased her unique brand of comedy that had audiences in stitches from start to finish. It was during these shows that DeAnne cemented her status as one of the top up-and-coming comedians on the Canadian comedy scene.

Tim Hanlon Australian Opening Act

Tim Hanlon is an Australian comedian who has been performing stand-up since 2012. He is best known for his cutting wit and observational humor that keeps crowds laughing throughout his sets. He has opened for Jim Jefferies on several occasions including his Moist Tour across Australia in 2020.

Background Information

Tim Hanlon started out performing comedy at local venues around Australia before eventually going on to tour internationally as a stand-up comedian. He was quickly recognized by critics and audiences alike as a gifted comic who could seamlessly switch between lighthearted jokes and thought provoking material without missing a beat. In 2017 he was nominated for an ARIA Award for Best Comedy Performance which further solidified his place among Australias top comedians.

Work With Jim Jefferies

Tim Hanlon first worked with Jim Jefferies when he opened up for him during a show in Sydney back in 2014 and they have been working together ever since then. Tims unique style of comedy combined with Jims more direct approach to humor made them a perfect match when it came to opening up the Moist Tour across Australia earlier this year. Whether it was Tims razor sharp wit or Jims bawdy anecdotes, audiences were left howling throughout their performances each night wherever they went across the country

Performances On The Moist Tour

In The US

The Moist Tour made its way across America giving fans plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with both DeAnne Smith and Tim Hanlon as they opened up each show night after night throughout 2020. They kept crowds entertained throughout their sets while also providing some much needed hilarity in what was otherwise a difficult year due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions around the world


The Moist Tour didn’t just stay within US borders however; it also made its way internationally giving fans all around the world a chance to see both DeAnne Smith and Tim Hanlon perform live before headliner Jim Jefferies took center stage each evening . From Europe to Asia to South America, both DeAnne and Tim kept crowds laughing no matter where they were performing thanks to their natural comedic chemistry that had audiences rolling in laughter night after night

Behind The Scenes Of The Moist Tour

Pre Performance Preparation

Both DeAnne Smith and Tim Hanlon put in plenty of hard work behind the scenes prior to each performance making sure that everything ran smoothly without any hitches or surprises during each show . This included hours spent fine tuning their sets so that every joke would land perfectly , along with making sure that any technical issues were taken care of long before they stepped out onto stage .

Post Performance Celebrations

After each performance , both Deanne Smith and Tim Hanlon would take time out of their busy schedules to celebrate their accomplishments by sharing stories about what happened during each show , along with basking in all the praise being thrown their way from adoring fans . These post performance celebrations were often filled laughter as both comics recounted some of their funniest moments while also discussing what worked best during each set .

FAQ & Answers

Q: Who is the opening act for Jim Jefferies Moist Tour?
A: The opening acts for Jim Jefferies Moist Tour in the US are Mike Yard from the UK, DeAnne Smith from Canada, and Tim Hanlon from Australia.

Q: Where will the Moist Tour be held?
A: The Moist Tour will be held at various venues throughout the US and internationally.

Q: How can I get tickets to attend a Moist Tour show?
A: Tickets for the shows in the US can be purchased online or at local ticket outlets. For those outside of the US, tickets can be purchased through international ticketing services.

Q: What can I expect to see during a Moist Tour show?
A: During a Moist Tour show, audience members can expect to see Jim Jefferies’ stand-up comedy, as well as performances by each of the opening acts. There may also be behind-the-scenes preparation and post-show celebrations.

Q: What experience do the opening acts have working with Jim Jefferies?
A: Mike Yard has worked with Jim Jefferies on multiple occasions, while DeAnne Smith has opened for him twice and Tim Hanlon once. All three have extensive experience in stand-up comedy and have been praised by Jim for their work.

Jim Jefferies’ Moist Tour Opening Act was a success, with the comedian delivering a hilarious set of jokes and stories that had audiences laughing from start to finish. Jefferies was supported by an equally talented opening act, making for a truly memorable night for fans in attendance. With the tour receiving high praise from critics and fans alike, it’s safe to say that Jim Jefferies is still one of the top comedic acts in the industry.

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