Comparing the M9A4 Centurion and Full-Size Pistols for Self-Defense

The Centurion is a shortened version of the Full Size M9A4, but still has all the same features.

M9A4 Centurion Vs Full Size

The M9A4 Centurion and the Full Size gun are two popular handguns intended for self-defense and tactical applications. Both guns feature great ergonomics, superior performance, and high durability. However, there is an important distinction between them: their size. The M9A4 Centurion is a smaller frame handgun that offers precision accuracy and comfortable concealment. Conversely, the Full Size gun is larger with an extra-long barrel that enhances accuracy and stability during long-range shooting. Ultimately, the decision of which to choose depends on personal preference and the situation for which it will be used.

Functionality Comparison between M9A4 Centurion and Full Size Pistol

The M9A4 Centurion is a semi-automatic handgun designed for self-defense, target shooting, and concealed carry. It has a 4.25-inch barrel, a grip safety, and a slim profile that allows it to be easily concealed. Its design allows for easy loading and unloading of magazines. It also has an adjustable rear sight to accommodate different shooting styles and distances. On the other hand, full size pistols are designed for military or law enforcement use and have longer barrels for greater accuracy at longer distances. They also typically have higher magazine capacities than the M9A4 Centurion, making them better suited for close-quarter combat situations.

Size Comparison between M9A4 Centurion and Full Size Pistol

When it comes to size, the M9A4 Centurion is much smaller than the full size pistol. Its overall length is 7.75 inches compared to 9 inches for most full size models. This makes it easier to conceal and carry on the person without drawing unnecessary attention. The width of the slide is 1 inch compared to 1.25 inches on most full size models, while the height of the slide is 5 inches on both types of handguns. Additionally, the M9A4 Centurion weighs only 27 ounces when loaded compared to 33 ounces for most full size pistols.

Performance of M9A4 Centurion

The performance of the M9A4 Centurion is impressive considering its small size. It is highly reliable due to its robust internal parts and well-tested design which ensures that it will fire every time you pull the trigger without fail or malfunctioning in any way. Moreover, its accuracy is also quite impressive with it being able to consistently hit targets at up to 25 yards away with minimal effort from the shooter’s part due to its adjustable rear sight and well-designed ergonomics which allow for a comfortable grip even during rapid firing sessions.

Full Size Pistol Specifications

Full size pistols typically have longer barrels than their compact counterparts which makes them more accurate at greater distances as well as having higher magazine capacities which make them more suitable in close quarter combat situations where multiple shots may be needed quickly in succession without needing to reload frequently as with smaller capacity magazines found on compact models such as the M9A4 Centurion which holds up to 15 rounds in its standard capacity magazine while most full size models can hold up to 17 rounds or more depending on model type and caliber used by shooter’s preference . Additionally, these guns usually have better recoil control due their heavier weight which helps reduce felt recoil when firing multiple rounds in quick succession such as in tactical situations where quick follow up shots may be needed quickly without too much muzzle rise affecting accuracy negatively due to shooter’s lack of experience or improper technique when handling firearms .

Magazine and Loading Capability Comparison between M9A4 Centurion and Full Size Pistol

The magazine system on both types of handguns differ significantly with regards to loading capability but are quite similar when it comes down how many rounds they can hold before needing a reload . The efficient loading mechanism found on the M9A4 Centurion allows for quick reloading while still maintaining smooth operation even under stress such as during rapid firing sessions . On top of that , additional magazines can easily be purchased separately if one needs extra capacity beyond what standard magazines provide allowing shooters flexibility depending on their specific needs . On the other hand , full size pistols typically require manual loading of each round into their magazines which can take more time compared to using preloaded magazines but usually provides greater capacity holding up 17 rounds or more depending on model type .

Range And Balance Of M9A4 Centurion

When it comes down range performance , the smaller stature of theM 9 A 4Centurion does not impede its ability hit targets accurately at distances up 25 yards away from shooter if proper technique is used by shooter during firing session . This combined with adjustable rear sight found on gun makes it suitable intermediate range shooting scenarios if necessary while still being able maintain balance comfortably due ergonomic design even during rapid firing sessions . Additionally , weight distribution along guns frame also helps with reducing felt recoil when firing multiple rounds thanks heavier weight towards front end which helps absorb energy generated by discharge instead transferring all onto user .

Price and Availability of the Models

The M9A4 Centurion and Full Size pistols are both widely available in the market. The cost of the M9A4 Centurion is typically higher than the Full Size pistol due to its superior features. The average price for a M9A4 Centurion is around $800 while the average price for a Full Size pistol is generally around $500.

Advantages and Disadvantages between Both Pistols

When comparing the two models, there are many advantages and disadvantages to consider. The M9A4 Centurion has several advantages over the Full Size pistol. These include a more comfortable grip, improved accuracy, increased capacity, and greater flexibility for customization. On the other hand, one of the main disadvantages of the M9A4 Centurion is its higher price tag compared to the Full Size pistol.

User Reactions to Each Model

The user reviews for both models are generally positive. Many users have praised both pistols for their accuracy, reliability, and overall performance. However, there have been some complaints about the limited capacity of the M9A4 Centurion compared to other models on the market. Overall, most users are satisfied with either model depending on their individual needs.

Maintenance Tips for M9A4 Centurion

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure that your M9A4 Centurion will last you a long time. Cleaning your pistol after each use will help keep it in good condition and prevent any malfunctions or issues from occurring down the line. It’s also important to store your firearm safely when it’s not being used to avoid any accidents or injuries from occurring. Additionally, make sure you check your gun regularly for any signs of wear or damage that may need repair or replacement parts before it becomes an issue.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the difference between the M9A4 Centurion and Full Size Pistols?
A: The M9A4 Centurion is a semi-automatic pistol with a reduced frame, allowing for a more comfortable grip and improved accuracy. It has a larger magazine capacity than the full size models, however its shorter barrel length reduces the maximum range of the gun. The full-size pistols have a longer barrel length, providing increased accuracy and distance performance.

Q: How reliable is the M9A4 Centurion?
A: The M9A4 Centurion is known for its reliability, with reports of consistent accuracy and durability with minimal maintenance required. It features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel slide, which helps to protect against wear and tear in harsh environments.

Q: What are some of the features of a full size pistol?
A: Full size pistols typically feature a longer barrel and slide design, providing increased accuracy and distance performance. They have larger magazines for increased capacity, as well as adjustable sights for better aiming accuracy. Some full size pistols also feature an integrated rail system to allow for accessories such as lasers or flashlights to be attached.

Q: How easy is it to load magazines into the M9A4 Centurion?
A: Loading magazines into the M9A4 Centurion is relatively easy due to its smooth magazine loading mechanism. This allows users to quickly and easily load rounds into their magazines without any difficulty. Additional magazines can also be purchased separately if desired, allowing users to compare sizes between each model before purchasing.

Q: What are some tips for maintaining an M9A4 Centurion?
A: To keep your M9A4 Centurion running smoothly, it’s important to regularly clean it with gun cleaning supplies or lubricants. Additionally, it’s important to store your gun in a secure place away from moisture or dust when not in use. Finally, make sure that all rounds are stored in their designated containers when not in use in order to prevent any damage or misfires from occurring during use.

The M9A4 Centurion and Full Size are two different handgun models with unique features. The M9A4 Centurion is a compact version of the classic Beretta 92FS that offers concealability and portability but lacks the power and accuracy of the full-size version. The Full Size on the other hand is a powerful and accurate firearm but can be difficult to conceal. Ultimately, it depends on the user’s preferences for size, power, and accuracy as to which model will better suit their needs.

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