Snakes On A Plane: How to Handle a Scary Situation in the Air

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Snakes On A Plane Boob

Snakes On A Plane Boob tells the story of a daring air mission. A plane carrying rare snakes is attacked by poachers and pilots must land the aircraft in order to rescue the snakes, while facing a gang of evil criminals determined to harm them. The pilots must rely on their courage and skills in order to get safely back home with the precious cargo. The story brings action and suspense as the crew face numerous challenges while saving the valuable cargo. They fight robbers, wild animals, and extreme weather conditions while defending freedom and justice. This thrilling adventure captivates readers with its combination of exciting action sequences, peril, suspense, and heroism.

Plot Summary

Snakes on a Plane is a 2006 American action-thriller film directed by David R. Ellis and starring Samuel L. Jackson. The basic plot revolves around an FBI agent, played by Jackson, who must stop hundreds of snakes that are released on an airplane in order to kill a witness being flown to Los Angeles to testify against a powerful mob boss.

The story begins with three men robbing a Chinese antique shop in Hawaii. They accidentally release hundreds of exotic snakes into the ventilation system of the store, which eventually find their way onto an airliner bound for Los Angeles. FBI agent Sean Jones (Jackson) is assigned to protect the witness, Eddie Kim (Byron Lawson), who is being flown to Los Angeles to testify against the mob boss Eddie Kim (Byron Lawson). Onboard the plane, Jones discovers that hundreds of deadly snakes have been released inside and must work with the passengers and crew in order to save everyone from certain death at 30,000 feet.

Major Characters

Sean Jones (Samuel L. Jackson) is an FBI agent tasked with protecting a key witness on board the plane containing the deadly snakes. He quickly takes charge of the situation and works hard to save all of those onboard before it’s too late.

Eddie Kim (Byron Lawson) is the key witness being flown from Hawaii to Los Angeles in order to testify against a powerful mob boss. He’s placed under Sean Jones’ protection for his own safety but finds himself up against overwhelming odds when faced with hundreds of deadly snakes on board the plane.

Henri Clay (Nathan Phillips) is one of the three men who robbed the Chinese antique shop in Hawaii and accidentally released hundreds of deadly snakes onto an airliner bound for Los Angeles. He’s later revealed as a mercenary hired by Eddie Kim’s enemies in order to prevent him from testifying against them in court.

Cast and Crew

Actors: Samuel L. Jackson stars as Sean Jones; Byron Lawson stars as Eddie Kim; Nathan Phillips stars as Henri Clay; Julianna Margulies stars as Claire Miller; Rachel Blanchard stars as Mercedes; Flex Alexander stars as Mike; Kenan Thompson stars as Troy; Keith Dallas stars as Bob Taylor; Bobby Cannavale stars as John Sanders Jr.; Tyrees Allen stars as Dr Steven Price; Lin Shaye stars as Mrs Price
Director: David R Ellis

Soundtrack and Songs

Snakes on a Plane features music from artists such as The Wreckers, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Gym Class Heroes, My Chemical Romance, Cobra Starship, Taking Back Sunday and more. Featured tracks include “Snakes On A Plane” by The Wreckers, “Face Down” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, “Cupid’s Chokehold” by Gym Class Heroes feat Patrick Stump and “Welcome To The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance among others.
The soundtrack album was released on August 15th 2006 through Atlantic Records with distribution through WEA International Inc.. It features 21 tracks including all of those featured in the film plus additional bonus tracks from artists such as E-40 & Turf Talk featuring Too Short , Geographer & Kevin Michael & Fabolous featuring Mike Shorey .

Box Office Performance

Snakes on a Plane opened on August 18th 2006 in 3158 theaters earning $15 million on its opening weekend at number 3 at US box office behind Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby ($23 million) and Step Up ($20 million). It went on to make $34 million domestically after 6 weeks at US box office before closing its run worldwide grossing $62 million worldwide against its budget $33 million making it commercially successful despite its poor reviews from critics .

Critical Reception

Snakes On A Plane received mostly negative reviews from critics upon its release . Critics praised Samuel L Jackson’s performance but criticized it for its campy dialogue , over-the-top violence , unrealistic CGI effects . It currently holds an approval rating of 20% based on 131 reviews collected by Rotten Tomatoes .

Despite its mixed reviews , Snakes On A Plane went onto receive several awards nominations including Best DVD Release at Saturn Awards , Best Horror Film at Teen Choice Awards , Worst Picture at Stinkers Bad Movie Awards among others .

Easter Eggs – Clues and Connections to Other Films

The 2006 film Snakes on a Plane had many Easter eggs and clues that paid homage to other films. One of the most prominent references was to the classic Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds. In the scene where snakes are first released onto the plane, one of the passengers has a magazine with a picture of Tippi Hedren from The Birds on the cover. This is a clear reference to the classic film as well as an indication that danger is imminent.

Another Easter egg in Snakes on a Plane was its reference to Quentin Tarantinos 1994 cult classic Pulp Fiction. When FBI Agent Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) enters the aircraft, he says, Let’s get ready to rumble! This is an iconic line from Pulp Fiction, which is delivered by Samuel L. Jackson in his role as Jules Winnfield.

There were also several references to other Hollywood films such as Speed, Jaws, and even Die Hard. For example, when Neville Flynn is trying to control the snakes in one of the scenes he says, “Yippee-ki-yay,” which is a famous line from Bruce Willis’ character John McClane in “Die Hard.”

Fans Content

The movie had many diehard fans who created content related to it such as fan art, fan fiction and even fan-made videos that were posted on various websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Some fans even created their own versions of the movie poster with alternate titles like “Moths on an Elevator” or “Sharks on an Airplane.” There were also many unofficial t-shirts featuring lines like “I survived Snakes on a Plane” or various images related to the film.

Trivia Facts – Fun Facts from Filming Set

One fun fact about filming Snakes On A Plane was that Samuel L Jackson was not originally part of the cast he only signed up after reading an early draft of the script! He made sure his character had some memorable lines including his famous catchphrase ‘I have had it with these motherf**king snakes on this motherf**king plane!’ Another fun fact is that all of the snake stunts were performed by professional snake wranglers who specialized in handling reptiles safely and humanely no harm was done during filming!

Another interesting fact about this movie was that it was shot entirely in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). This allowed for some interesting aerial shots inside an actual airport terminal something very few movies have been able to do before or since! Lastly, there were over 200 different species of snakes used in this movie some real and some animatronic! With so much variety, it’s no wonder why audiences found this movie so fascinating!

Behind The Scenes Facts

Many behind-the-scenes facts about Snakes On A Plane are also quite interesting. For example, approximately 20 different kinds of snakes were used for filming each scene including boa constrictors, pythons and more! The director David R Ellis wanted each shot involving live animals to be perfectly choreographed and rehearsed beforehand so no harm came to any creature involved in filming. Additionally, it took almost four months for all of the scenes involving live animals to be completed due to safety protocols put into place by animal wranglers hired for each shoot day!

The production budget for Snakes On A Plane was around $33 million dollars which seems like quite a lot when you consider how successful this low-budget thriller ended up being at box offices around the world! The success of this film also proved once again that sometimes all you need is an interesting premise combined with great casting choices for audiences around world (and plenty of slithering reptiles) for a guaranteed hit movie!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the plot of Snakes On A Plane?
A: Snakes On A Plane follows an FBI agent who transports a witness to testify against a powerful mob boss on an international flight. However, the mob boss releases hundreds of deadly snakes onto the plane in an effort to kill the witness and stop justice from being served. The protagonist must then fight for his and his fellow passengers’ survival against the snakes.

Q: Who are the major characters in Snakes On A Plane?
A: The major characters in Snakes On A Plane include FBI agent Sean Jones (Samuel L. Jackson), mob boss Eddie Kim (Byron Lawson), flight attendant Claire Miller (Julianna Margulies), and passenger Nelville Flynn (Nathan Phillips).

Q: What songs are featured on the Snakes On A Plane soundtrack?
A: The Snakes On A Plane soundtrack includes tracks from artists such as Cobra Starship, The All-American Rejects, The Sounds, and Panic! At The Disco. Notable songs include “Bring It” by Cobra Starship, “Move Along” by The All-American Rejects, “No One Sleeps When I’m Awake” by The Sounds, and “Time To Dance” by Panic! At The Disco.

Q: How did Snakes On A Plane perform at the box office?
A: Snakes On A Plane opened with $15.2 million domestically over its opening weekend and grossed a total of $34.8 million domestically over its theatrical run. It also earned an additional $13 million internationally for a total worldwide gross of $47.8 million.

Q: What awards recognition did Snakes On A Plane receive?
A: Although it was not nominated for any major awards, Snakes On A Plane received some recognition from various sources including two MTV Movie Award nominations for Best Summer Movie You Haven’t Seen Yet and Best Frightened Performance for Samuel L. Jackson’s role as FBI agent Sean Jones.

Snakes on a Plane Boob is an internet meme that has been popular since 2006. It refers to a scene in the movie, Snakes on a Plane, which features a woman who has her breast exposed. The meme is largely used as an example of ridiculousness or something that is out of the ordinary. While it served as amusement for some people at the time, its popularity has lessened over time.

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