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The Po Box address is 817 West Chester, OH.

Po Box 817 West Chester Oh

This PO Box address, 817 West Chester Oh, is a unique address in West Chester, Ohio. Located in an area with rich history and culture, this box provides an efficient way to receive mail that requires special attention. From important documents to small packages, this PO Box offers a secure and reliable way to get any necessary mail 24 hours a day. With its central location in the heart of West Chester, Ohio, this PO Box offers unbeatable convenience for anyone needing help with their delivery needs. No matter your needs postal or otherwise you can trust the secure and reliable PO Box 817 West Chester Oh for all of your shipping needs.

Location Of West Chester Ohio

West Chester Ohio is located in Butler County, Ohio. It is situated near the Little Miami River and is the county seat of Butler County. The city of West Chester has a population of 62,450 people according to the US Census Bureau (2020). It is located approximately 25 miles north of Cincinnati, OH and 40 miles south of Dayton, OH. West Chester offers a wide variety of attractions both indoors and outdoors for visitors and locals alike. Popular attractions include Voice of America Park, Great Wolf Lodge, Splash Cincinnati Water Park, and the National Voice Museum.

Services Offered At West Chester P.O Box 817

West Chester P.O Box 817 offers various services to its customers such as mail forwarding, package pick-up/delivery, money order sales, passport services, and more. The history of the post office dates back to 1827 when it was established as a part of the United States Post Office system. The post office was originally located on High Street in downtown West Chester before being relocated to its current location on State Route 42 in 1977.

History Of West Chester

The history of West Chester dates back before 1800s when it was originally inhabited by Native Americans from the Shawnee tribe who used it as a hunting ground for buffalo and deer. During this time period it was also home to several small trading posts that catered to travelers between Cincinnati and Dayton. In 1810 the area was surveyed by General James Kilbourn who named it after his hometown in New Jersey: Westchester Township which became known as West Chester Ohio in 1823 when it officially became an incorporated village.

Demographics Of West Chester Oh

As per the US Census Bureau (2020), West Chester has a population of 62,450 people with a median age of 36 years old. The racial makeup is 79% Caucasian, 11% African American/Black, 3% Asian/Pacific Islander , 2% Hispanic/Latino , 0% Native American/Alaskan Native , and 5% other races or multi-racial individuals . The average household size in this city is 2.4 people per household with 35% married couples living together according to census data from 2018 .

Important Buildings In West Chester Ohio

West Chester Ohio has several notable buildings which are worth visiting including historical churches such as St John’s Episcopal Church (1842), St Peter’s Lutheran Church (1845), First Baptist Church (1868), St Mary Magdalene Catholic Church (1890) and schools such as Lakota High School (1951) and Indian Hill Exempted Village Schools District (1952). Additionally there are historical monuments such as the Civil War Monument (1919) located at Indian Hill Cemetery which pays tribute to local soldiers who fought in the Civil War from 1861-1865 .

Cultural Landmarks In West Chester Oh

West Chester, Ohio is a city with a rich history and many cultural landmarks to explore. From local festivals and cultural events, to historical attractions in the area, there is something for everyone to enjoy in West Chester. Local festivals and cultural events are especially popular in the summer months when the weather is warm and sunny. These events often include live music, food vendors, art exhibits, and other activities that showcase the culture of West Chester. Historical attractions are also plentiful in West Chester. Visitors can take a tour of the historic downtown district or visit one of the many museums in town for more information about West Chester’s past.

Entertainment In West Chester Oh

West Chester offers plenty of entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. Local movie theaters show all of the latest blockbusters as well as classic films. Sports venues like Pro Football Hall of Fame Field at Fawcett Stadium and Cincinnati Gardens provide an exciting atmosphere for watching professional sports teams play. Restaurants and cafes offer a variety of delicious dining options with menus that feature everything from burgers to sushi dishes.

Education System Of West Chester Oh

West Chester has an excellent education system that provides quality instruction to students from kindergarten through college level courses. The overview of education system includes numerous resources such as libraries, specialized centers, technology centers, laboratories, language learning centers, and research facilities that serve students at all levels. Colleges, universities, and K12 facilities in the area also provide higher education options for residents looking to pursue higher learning opportunities such as bachelors degrees or doctorate studies.

Climate Of West Chester Oh

The climate in West Chester is typically mild throughout the year with average temperatures ranging from lows in the mid-twenties during winter months to highs around eighty-eight degrees during summer months. Weather trends over the years have shown an increase in average temperatures across all seasons which can lead to warmer winters with less snowfall than usual as well as longer summers with hotter days than usual.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the location of West Chester Ohio?
A: West Chester Ohio is located in Butler County, in the southwestern region of the state. It lies about 20 miles north of Cincinnati and is part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area.

Q: What services are offered at P.O Box 817 in West Chester Ohio?
A: P.O Box 817 in West Chester Ohio offers a range of services, such as mail delivery and pickup, parcel shipping and delivery, mail forwarding, money orders, passport applications and more.

Q: What is the history of West Chester Ohio?
A: The area that would become West Chester was first settled in 1796 by Colonel William Walden. In 1823, it was incorporated as a village and eventually became a city in 1995. The city has continued to grow since then, with a population estimated to be over 62,000 as of 2019.

Q: What are some cultural landmarks in West Chester Oh?
A: Some cultural landmarks in West Chester Oh include Voice of America Park, which features trails and ponds; Keehner Park which offers sports facilities; Lakota YMCA which offers various recreational activities; Voice of America Learning Center which has educational programs for children; and Liberty Center which hosts events throughout the year such as festivals and concerts.

Q: What is the climate like in West Chester Oh?
A: The climate of West Chester Oh is generally humid continental with four distinct seasons. Summers tend to be warm and humid with average temperatures around 75F (24C), while winters tend to be cold with average temperatures around 30F (-1C). Precipitation is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year with an average annual precipitation rate of 41 inches (104 cm).

In conclusion, Po Box 817 West Chester Oh is a valid post office box address located in the city of West Chester, Ohio. It is used to receive mail for individuals or businesses located in the area. The post office box can be used to send and receive mail, packages, and other items.

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