A Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrading Weapons in Returnal

To upgrade weapons in Returnal, use the Atropian Blade at Atropos’ Gravesite.

Returnal How To Upgrade Weapons

In Returnal, upgrading weapons is an integral part of surviving the planet’s hostile environment. By using upgrade components collected during your journey, you can personalize weapons to fit your individual playstyle and make them more powerful. Upgrading weapons will improve their damage output, increase their ammo capacity, and even add special effects to certain attacks. This guide will walk you through the upgrade process step-by-step and explain the different options available to you as you progress.

Returnal How To Upgrade Weapons

Upgrading weapons in Returnal is an essential part of the game. You can make your weapons stronger, unlock special abilities, and increase their overall power. In order to do this, you need to understand what makes up upgrading weapons in Returnal and the various types of upgradable weapons that are available.

What Makes Upgrading Weapons Possible?

In order to upgrade your weapons in Returnal, you need to level them up through gaining proficiency points. These points are earned by completing challenge levels for each weapon type, as well as collecting synthetic resources such as Learnings and Lithoid Shards that can be found from enemies or collectibles. You will also need to spendable currency in order to fully upgrade your weapons. Once you have earned enough proficiency points and acquired the necessary resources, you will be able to maximize the power of your weapon and unlock special abilities.

Types of Upgradable Weapons

In Returnal there are various types of upgradable weapons, including handguns, shotguns, rifles, pistols, and grenade launchers. Each weapon type has its own set of challenge levels that must be completed in order to gain proficiency points and upgrade the weapon fully. Additionally, each weapon type requires different amounts of synthetic resources for upgrades so its important to pay attention to which resources are necessary for each weapon type before attempting upgrades.

Gaining Weapon Proficiency Points

The main way to gain proficiency points for upgrading weapons is by completing challenge levels for each weapon type. The challenge levels vary in difficulty but reward more points depending on how well theyre completed and how quickly theyre completed. Additionally, some challenges may require completion of certain objectives or achievements before they can be unlocked which can help gain more points when completed successfully. Additionally, you can also get free loot from completion rewards which can help with gaining more proficiency points as well as synthetic resources for upgrades.

Maximizing Weapon Power

Once you have gained enough proficiency points as well as collected all the necessary synthetic resources for upgrades, you will be able to maximize the power of your weapon by unlocking special abilities that can give your character an edge during combat scenarios. The process is simple but requires dedication since it takes time and effort to fully upgrade all your weapons so make sure you focus on one at a time if possible in order to not become overwhelmed with all the tasks at hand!

Obtaining Synthetic Resources for Upgrades

In order to successfully upgrade your weapons in Returnal, you need both spendable currency as well as synthetic resources such as Learnings and Lithoid Shards which can be found from enemies or collectibles around the world. Spendable currency is used primarily for purchasing upgrades while Learnings and Lithoid Shards are used primarily for crafting new items or repairing existing ones so its important to know where these items can be found before attempting any upgrades!

Where To Find Learnings & Lithoid Shards

-Gaining Free Loot Through Completion Rewards Learnings & Lithoid Shards can be found by searching enemies or collectibles around the world such as chests or crates that may contain them inside them when opened up! Additionally, completing certain challenges rewards free loot which may contain Learnings & Lithoid Shards so its important to keep an eye out when trying to obtain these items!

Increasing Weapon Proficiency with Challenge Levels

Unlocking Challenge Levels allows players to gain even more proficiency points when completing them successfully due their difficulty level being higher than regular missions or challenges outside of them. Completing these offers great rewards such as additional experience points or resources which helps with further upgrading weapons in Returnal!

How to Upgrade a Weapons Repertoire of Features & Abilities

Returnal is a challenging and immersive third-person shooter game set on an alien planet. As the protagonist, Selene, youll need to explore the hostile environment and fight your way through increasingly difficult encounters. As you progress, upgrading weapons with new features and abilities will become essential in order to stay alive. Here are some of the ways that you can upgrade your weapons in Returnal:

Adding New Abilities Through Unlockables

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your weapon’s repertoire of features and abilities is by making use of unlockable items. These can be found throughout the game’s levels as rewards for completing objectives, defeating bosses, or finding hidden caches. Unlockables range from new weapon skins and attachments to unique abilities that grant special effects such as increased damage or extended range.

Investing Psy in Upgrade Objects

Another way to give your weapons a boost is by investing Psy into upgrade objects. These special items can be found throughout levels, usually in chests or other containers that require a bit of extra effort to unlock. Once obtained, they can be used to unlock powerful upgrades for your weapon such as increased damage output or more accurate aiming capabilities. Investing Psy into these objects will also allow you to increase their power, allowing you more flexibility when it comes to customizing your weapons for specific encounters.

Using Returnals Crafting System to Enhance Capabilities

Returnal’s crafting system allows players to create powerful upgrades for their weapons using components found throughout levels. Crafting components come in various shapes and sizes, from small energy cores that increase damage output to large pieces of scrap metal that can be used to enhance firepower or accuracy. By combining these components with an appropriate blueprint obtained through exploration or victory rewards, Selene can create powerful upgrades for her weapons such as improved reload speed or increased magazine size.

Making Use of Crafting Components as Resources

Crafting components are essential resources when it comes to upgrading weapons in Returnal. They are scattered throughout levels in various containers, which can require extra effort (such as defeating bosses) in order to reach them. Once obtained, these components can then be used at crafting stations located throughout levels in order to create powerful upgrades for Selene’s arsenal of weapons and tools.

Activating Upgrades Through the Crafting Interface

Once components have been gathered and crafted into upgrades using a blueprint, they must then be activated through Returnal’s crafting interface before they can take effect on your weapon’s performance. Activating upgrades requires a certain amount of Psy depending on the type of upgrade being applied – higher-tier upgrades require more Psy but result in more powerful effects on your weapon’s performance than lower-tier ones do. Taking advantage of this system allows Selene maximum flexibility when it comes to customizing her arsenal for each encounter she faces on Atropos’ surface.

Ways To Improve Your Choice Of Weapons Through Customization Options

Customizing Selene’s arsenal is an important part of surviving Atropos’ hostile environment – by taking advantage of various customization options available throughout Returnal, players have greater control over how their weapons look and feel while also improving their performance in battle. Here are some ways that players can customize their choice of weapon:

Customizing The Look And Feel Of Your Gun By Choosing Skins/Colors

One way players can customize their choice of weapon is by choosing from different skins/colors available through vendors located around levels or from loot drops gained from successful missions/encounters with enemies/bosses. This allows players greater control over how their guns look while also adding some flavor and personality into each encounter they face on Atropos’ surface – plus it helps make guns stand out amongst groups during hectic firefights!

Using Mods For Additional Performance Enhancements

Another important customization option available within Returnal is the ability to attach mods onto guns which provide additional performance enhancements such as increased fire rate or damage output against certain enemies types (i.e., electric mods are especially effective against robotic foes). Mods provide players with greater control over how their guns perform during each encounter they face – taking full advantage of this system will give those brave enough (or foolish enough!) enough firepower needed survive Atropos’ hostile environment!

Taking Advantage Of Memento Rewards For Unpredictable Outcomes Mementos are special consumable items found within Returnal which grant unique effects based on what type they are used against (i.e., electric mementos stun robotic enemies while healing mementos restore health). These items cannot be crafted but instead must be collected through either victory rewards after successful encounters with enemies/bosses or defeat rewards after failed missions/encounters with enemies/bosses – making them an unpredictable yet essential part of any survivors kit when exploring Atropos’ hostile environment!

< h 3 >Describing The Various Types Of Mementos Found In Returnal There are several different types of memento found within Returnal which all provide unique effects when used correctly – electric mementos stun robotic enemies while healing mementos restore health; fire mementos set alight organic enemies; poison mementos weaken organic foes; spirit memento temporarily increase attack power; blindfold memento reduce accuracy; shield memento blocks incoming attacks; etc With so many different types available it pays off for survivors brave enough (or foolish enough!) enough explore Atropos’ surface thoroughly if they wish take full advantage these unpredictable yet invaluable consumable items!

< h 3 >Recruiting Mementos Through Victory Or Defeat Rewards As mentioned before, mementoes cannot be crafted but instead must acquired through either victory rewards after successful encounters with enemies/bosses or defeat rewards after failed missions/encounters with enemies/bosses – making them an unpredictable yet essential part any survivors kit when exploring Atroposs hostile environment! Knowing how use these items correctly could mean difference between success failure each encounter faced upon surface alien planet – so make sure keep eye out loot drops wherever possible acquire much needed supplies!

FAQ & Answers

Q: How do I upgrade weapons in Returnal?
A: Upgrading weapons in Returnal requires the use of Synthetic Resources, which can be found in various locations throughout the game. You can also gain Synthetic Resources by completing challenge levels and obtaining loot from enemies. Additionally, you can improve your weapons through customizations such as skins and mods.

Q: What makes up upgrading weapons possible?
A: Upgrading weapons requires gaining Weapon Proficiency Points, which are obtained by completing Challenge Levels and unlocking new abilities through upgrades. You can also use Spendible Currency to obtain Synthetic Resources for upgrades.

Q: What types of upgradable weapons are there?
A: In Returnal, you can upgrade all weapon types, including pistols, rifles, heavy guns, and more. You are also able to customize each weapon with skins and mods for additional performance enhancements.

Q: Where can I find Synthetic Resources for upgrades?
A: Synthetic Resources can be found by searching enemies and collectibles for Learnings & Shards. You will also receive free loot through completion rewards or recruit Mementos from Victory or Defeat rewards.

Q: How do I maximize weapon power?
A: To maximize weapon power, you need to gain Weapon Proficiency Points by completing Challenge Levels, as well as adding new abilities through unlockables and investing Psy in Upgrade Objects. Additionally, you can use Returnal’s Crafting System to enhance capabilities by making use of crafting components as resources.

Upgrading weapons in Returnal is a key part of the game, and can be done in multiple ways. You can upgrade your weapons by finding upgrade cores, using Ether, or by defeating certain enemies. Upgrading your weapons will make it easier to defeat powerful enemies and progress further in the game.

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