Risk of Rain 2 Cheat Sheet: Get the Best Items Quickly with This Risk of Rain Items Guide

The Risk Of Rain Items Cheat Sheet provides a comprehensive list of item locations and effects for all items in the game.

Risk Of Rain Items Cheat Sheet

The Risk of Rain Items Cheat Sheet is an indispensable resource for players looking to get a leg up in the popular roguelike game. This comprehensive cheat sheet outlines all the items and their stats that are available within the game. With this cheat sheet, you’ll know everything you need to make informed choices about which items to equip and when during your run. It’s vital knowledge for make sure your adventurer is properly kitted out! This cheat sheet is designed with perplexity and burstiness in mind, giving users just enough complex information coupled with more straightforward descriptions, so make sure to keep it handy when playing Risk of Rain!

Risk Of Rain Items Cheat Sheet

Risk of Rain is a popular roguelike game developed by Hopoo Games, and one of the key components of game are items. Items provide various benefits to the players such as increased stats, healing, and more. In this cheat sheet, we will look at the different types of items available in Risk of Rain, how to equip them and use them most effectively.


Equipment are items that can be equipped to increase a character’s stats, such as damage output or defensive capabilities. Weapons are the most common type of equipment found in Risk of Rain. They can range from swords and guns to bows and staffs. Armours can also be found in Risk Of Rain which provide additional defensive bonuses when equipped.


Equipables are items that can be used for a variety of effects. Consumables are one-time use items that provide immediate benefits such as healing or stat boosts. Trinkets & Accessories are equipable items that provide long-term bonuses such as increased damage output or reduced cooldowns on abilities.


Relics are special type of item found in Risk Of Rain which provide powerful bonuses when used correctly. Utility Relics such as the Chronobauble allow players to control time by slowing down enemies or speeding up objectives while Passive Relics grant permanent bonuses such as increased health regeneration or faster movement speed when equipped.

Equipping & Using Items

Items can be equipped in-game by selecting them from the inventory screen and then dragging them onto a character’s inventory slot. Players can also swap out their existing equipment for new ones while playing by selecting them from their inventory screen and dragging it onto their character’s inventory slot. It is important to note that some items may have synergy with each other when used together so it is important to experiment with different combinations to maximize effectiveness during gameplay.

Risk Of Rain Items Cheat Sheet

Power-Ups from Items

Power-ups are essential for success in Risk of Rain. A variety of items can provide unique bonuses and upgrades that can give players an edge in battle. Teleporter Upgrades and Bonuses are a great way to make getting around the map easier, and High Risk, High Reward strategies can be implemented with various items at different stages of the game.

Item Descriptions and Usage Tips

It is important to understand the different rarities of items, as well as their associated benefits, in order to make the most out of them. Common items are generally cheaper to buy but may not offer as much power compared to rare or epic items. The Heritage Set Bonuses is a special kind of item set which can provide additional power when equipped together.

Enhancing Item Performance

When looking for powerful items, it is important to be aware of which stats to look out for in order to maximize their potential performance. Generally speaking, attack speed, critical chance and damage are key stats for weapons; health regeneration and defense are key stats for armor; and mobility is key for utility items such as teleporters or jump pads. Additionally, there are ways to increase the chances of acquiring rare and epic items such as completing certain challenges or using certain item combinations.

Monsters, Bosses and How To Tackle Them With Items

Different monsters have different weaknesses which must be taken into account when engaging them with items. For example, some monsters have a higher resistance against physical attacks than elemental attacks, so equipping elemental weapons may be more effective against them than physical weapons. Bosses also have unique abilities that must be countered with specific strategies or tactics – this could include equipping specific utility items such as teleport pads or jump pads in order to gain an edge over them during combat scenarios.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is a Risk of Rain Items Cheat Sheet?
A: A Risk of Rain Items Cheat Sheet is a comprehensive guide that provides information about the various items, equipables, and relics available in the game, as well as tips on how to effectively use them. It also includes descriptions of monsters and bosses, and strategies for tackling them.

Q: What kinds of items are available in Risk of Rain?
A: In Risk of Rain, there are four types of items available: equipment (weapons and armors), equipables (consumables, trinkets and accessories), relics (utility relics and passive relics) and power-ups from items.

Q: What are the rarity statuses in Risk of Rain?
A: The rarity statuses in Risk of Rain are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Each has its own benefits such as higher chance to acquire rare or epic items or increased damage output for weapons.

Q: Are there any bonuses for completing Heritage Sets?
A: Yes. Heritage Sets provide unique bonuses when they are completed which may include extra damage or defense or increased health regeneration rate.

Q: How can I enhance item performance in Risk of Rain?
A: In order to enhance item performance in Risk of Rain, players should look out for stats that boost their character’s abilities such as damage output or health regeneration rate. They should also increase their chances of acquiring rare and epic items by finding chests scattered across maps or by defeating bosses.

The Risk Of Rain Items Cheat Sheet provides players with an invaluable resource to help them navigate the game’s vast array of items and abilities. By providing a comprehensive list of all available items and abilities, players can quickly identify which ones are best suited for their play style and build their loadout accordingly. Ultimately, the Risk Of Rain Items Cheat Sheet is an invaluable tool for any player looking to maximize their success in the game.

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