Unlock the Mystery of Rudolph Van Richten with this Comprehensive Stat Block

Rudolph Van Richten is a powerful NPC featured in the 2019 classic Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook, Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, with an accompanying stat block.

Rudolph Van Richten Stat Block

Rudolph Van Richten is a prominent figure in Dungeons & Dragons, renowned for his commitment to justice and monster-slaying prowess. A stat block in the game is the written summary of their character that gives players and Dungeon Masters all the information they need to know about a player character. The Rudolph Van Richten stat block provides an expansive overview of his character, describing his background and outlining his special abilities. He has skills in necromancy, gardening, and animal husbandry, as well as knowledge about herbs and plants useful in adventuring. On top of all that, Van Richten can cast powerful spells like Dominate Person and Fear. With these stats and abilities, Van Richten has cemented himself as one of Dungeons & Dragons’ most iconic figures.


Rudolph Van Richten is a legendary monster hunter hailing from the town of Barovia. He was born in 1460 and lived for many years in the valley of Barovia, where he became a renowned monster hunter and slayer of vampires. He has been described as being “old and grizzled”, with a long white beard, stern eyes, and a no-nonsense attitude.

He was an adventurer before becoming a monster hunter, having traveled extensively throughout Europe during his younger years. He eventually became an expert on the occult and developed an extensive knowledge of supernatural creatures, including vampires, werewolves, ghouls, ghosts, zombies and other monsters. He also gained an encyclopedic knowledge of magical artifacts and weapons which could be used to combat these creatures.


Rudolph Van Richten is a brave and noble hunter who has dedicated his life to protecting those around him from supernatural evils. He is highly intelligent and analytical with an extensive knowledge on magical artifacts and creatures of darkness. Rudolph is also incredibly determined in his pursuits and will not back down even in the face of overwhelming odds.

His most notable feature is his steel-blue eyes which have been described as being able to “cut through lies like daggers”. His voice too carries with it authority; allowing him to easily command respect from those he speaks with or commands. It is often said that when Rudolph speaks, even monsters tremble in fear.

Maternal History

Rudolph’s mother was a member of the Vistani race that had settled in Barovia many years ago. She was renowned for her skill with herbs and potions as well as her ability to tell fortunes but ultimately died young leaving Rudolph without any maternal guidance or influence growing up. This lack of maternal guidance shaped much of Rudolph’s later views on life as he strived to protect those around him from harm despite the odds stacked against him.


Rudolph Van Richten stands at an imposing height of 6’1″ tall with a slender build yet broad shoulders that give off the impression that he is much stronger than one would expect from looking at him alone. His hair is white though thick enough so it can still be tied back into a ponytail behind him while his beard is long enough so it reaches down past his chest while still being neatly trimmed all around it’s edges giving off an air of sophistication along with strength within one man alone. His face looks weathered due to his age yet still retains its youthfulness when one looks into his steel-blue eyes which are said to contain equal parts determination and wisdom within them both giving off the impression that this man knows what he speaks about when it comes to matters concerning magic or monsters alike which are both topics he understands better than most people ever could thanks to his extensive studies over the years since becoming a monster hunter himself after the death of his beloved mother at such a young age before making sure no other person would have suffer such tragedy like what had happened to them both again by dedicating himself completely into hunting down any evil creature that threatened Barovia itself or any other place nearby it’s borders for that matter too if need be for sure!

Combat Style

Rudolph Van Richten is renowned for his masterful combat skills when facing against supernatural foes such as vampires or werewolves alike! He relies heavily on using magical artifacts such as stakes made out of silver or holy symbols imbued with powerful incantations so they can work against even undead creatures! Also despite being able to wield weapons such as swords proficiently too he prefers using magical items instead since they allow him greater flexibility when dealing with monsters due their innate properties which can be attuned specifically towards particular kinds! Lastly although not known by many people outside Barovia itself Rudolph also possesses some degree mastery over certain spells too allowing him even more options when going up against powerful foes like vampires lord themselves should the need ever arise!

Personality Traits

Rudolph Van Richten is a renowned monster hunter and vampire expert. He is a man of immense courage and determination, willing to put himself in danger to protect others from the supernatural threats they face. He is also known for his sharp wit and quick thinking, often finding solutions to problems that others had not considered. He is loyal to his allies and has a strong sense of justice, always striving to do what he believes is right.

Weapons of Choice

Rudolph Van Richten’s weapons of choice are varied, depending on the situation he finds himself in. His preferred weapons are crossbows, swords, and silver-tipped arrows; however, he also carries holy symbols such as crucifixes and stakes which he uses when confronting vampires or other supernatural creatures. He also carries various potions and tinctures which can help him in battle or provide protection against certain types of magic.

Allies & Enemies

Rudolph Van Richten has many allies throughout the lands where he hunts monsters; most notably the Circle of Five which consists of five powerful spellcasters from different backgrounds. They assist him in his quests by providing him with resources such as magical items or spells that can help him in his battles against the supernatural forces that threaten society. He also has many enemies such as vampires, werewolves, and other monsters that he has faced over the years.

Habits & Quirks

Rudolph Van Richten is a man who values order and plans ahead whenever possible; this includes carefully preparing for any mission he embarks upon so that he can better anticipate any potential threats. He tends to be very focused on his goals and tasks at hand even while facing grave dangers. Lastly, Rudolph is known for his love of reading which helps him stay informed about current events as well as learn more about the creatures he hunts; this knowledge often proves invaluable when it comes time to confront them in battle.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Rudolph Van Richten’s background?
A: Rudolph Van Richten is a renowned monster hunter and vampire hunter from the Ravenloft setting. He was originally a professor of medicine who was transformed into a semi-immortal after an encounter with vampires. He has since dedicated his life to hunting monsters and protecting innocents from the forces of darkness.

Q: What are Rudolph Van Richten’s characteristics?
A: Rudolph Van Richten is a stoic, brave, and determined individual. He is highly intelligent and has a deep knowledge of the supernatural world. He is also highly competent in combat, determined to use all means necessary to protect the innocent from evil forces.

Q: What is Rudolph Van Richten’s maternal history?
A: Rudolph Van Richten’s mother was killed by vampires when he was very young, which eventually led him to become a monster hunter in order to seek vengeance for her death. This event also motivated him to dedicate his life to protecting others from such tragedies.

Q: What does Rudolph Van Richten look like?
A: Rudolph Van Richten is described as an elderly man with a bald head and a long white beard. He typically wears dark clothing that helps him blend in with the shadows when stalking his prey. His eyes are described as piercing and intense, yet compassionate when looking upon those he seeks to protect.

Q: What weapons does Rudolph Van Richten prefer?
A: Rudolph Van Richten typically uses firearms such as pistols and rifles when hunting monsters or vampires, but he also carries a large variety of other weapons such as crossbows, knives, swords, holy symbols, stakes, garlic, holy water flasks, and silver bullets for special occasions.

In conclusion, the Rudolph Van Richten Stat Block is a powerful tool for both Dungeon Masters and players alike. It provides a comprehensive set of stats for the titular character, as well as a wealth of supplemental information about his abilities and backstory. This stat block is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to create a compelling story-driven experience in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

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