Exploring the Difference Between Stellaris and Endless Space 2: A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Sci-Fi Strategy Games

Endless Space 2 offers a more detailed and strategical gameplay experience, whereas Stellaris is more focused on exploration and diplomacy.

Stellaris Vs Endless Space 2

Stellaris and Endless Space 2 are both real-time strategy and science fiction games that offer deep intergalactic exploration. While both offer gripping storytelling and beautiful visuals, each game has its unique features.

For starters, Stellaris boasts a dynamic campaign including a variety of different species, cultures and worlds. You can establish relationships with different species for trading, research and diplomacy while customizing your own space stations. On the other hand, Endless Space 2 puts you in control of one of the many civilizations existing in the galaxy from the nanoscale to the massive scale. You can manage resource production and technological advancements as well as explore unknown star systems to discover luxury resources.

Gameplay wise, Stellaris is all about building your empire through cycles of boom and bust while Endless Space 2 emphasizes on turn-based strategic combats to expand your influence over other races. Both feature extensive modding support allowing players to customize their experience significantly by adding new elements or feature for personal touches.

Ultimately, Stellaris provides a polished experience with complex strategy variables that invites both newcomers and experienced players whereas Endless Space 2 offers an experience focused on dynamic combat as well as grandiose exploration with entertaining storylines that will take you through amazing adventures in the galaxy.


Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy game set in space. Players will explore a vast galaxy filled with diverse and unique alien races, build custom empires, and ultimately expand their power through diplomacy, trade, and warfare. The game features the ability to build starbases, research new technologies, colonize distant planets, and engage in epic space battles. Endless Space 2 is also a 4X grand strategy game set in space. Players will explore an expansive universe filled with mythical races and mysterious factions. They will have to choose from dozens of unique civilizations, customize their fleets and ships, develop powerful technologies, and battle for control of the galaxy. Both games feature deep strategic gameplay that allows players to customize their strategies on a massive scale.


Stellaris features stunning visuals that draw players into its vibrant universe. The game utilizes a vibrant color palette to bring its worlds alive with bright starscapes and alien landscapes. Its detailed ship models represent various classes of vessels from small frigates to huge dreadnoughts while its planetary environments feature lush jungles, barren deserts, icy tundras and more. Endless Space 2 also features incredible visuals that bring the game’s universe alive with intricate details on ships, planets and star systems rendered in stunning detail. Its dynamic lighting system creates an immersive experience as players explore the galaxy and its many mysteries.


Stellaris has an excellent soundtrack that immerses players into its sci-fi world with sweeping symphonic music that captures both the grandeur of space exploration as well as the danger of interstellar conflict. The voice acting also adds another layer of realism to the proceedings as characters comment on events during gameplay while making decisions or engaging in diplomacy. Endless Space 2 has an equally impressive soundtrack featuring beautiful orchestral arrangements as well as electronic elements that create a mesmerizing backdrop for exploration and combat scenarios alike. Its voice acting is also excellent with characters providing exposition on certain events or decisions made during playtime.

Player Reviews

Players have praised Stellaris for its deep strategic gameplay that allows them to craft unique empires within its vibrant universe filled with diverse alien species and ancient civilizations waiting to be discovered. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for newcomers to jump right into the action while veterans can enjoy complex strategies as they progress through the various stages of the games story mode or sandbox mode which allows for almost limitless customization options when creating your own unique empire or battle scenario within the games vast universe . Endless Space 2 has also been well received by fans who appreciate its deep strategic gameplay as well as its immersive atmosphere created by stunning visuals alongside an excellent soundtrack featuring both orchestral arrangements as well as electronic elements which combine to create an unforgettable gaming experience .

Price/Deals on Purchase

Stellaris is available on Steam for $39 USD while console versions are available for Xbox One ($39 USD) or PlayStation 4 ($49 USD). It is also available via Paradox Plaza where there are often discounts available (currently 15% off). There are various expansion packs available such as Utopia ($19 USD) or Distant Stars ($14 USD). Endless Space 2 is available on Steam for $29 USD while there are often discounts available (currently 25% off). There are various expansion packs such as Vaulters ($9 USD) or Supremacy ($10 USD). Both games offer great value for money considering their depth of content and replayability value making them essential purchases for any fan of grand strategy games set in space .

Stellaris Vs Endless Space 2

Stellaris and Endless Space 2 are both grand strategy 4X games, which involve exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating your way to galactic domination. Both games involve complex planning and strategy decisions while managing your resources and researching new technologies. So which game is right for you? This article will look at the differences between Stellaris and Endless Space 2 to help you decide which game is best for your gaming needs.

Compatibility of the Games

Stellaris is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It also supports online multiplayer with up to 32 players. On the other hand, Endless Space 2 is only compatible with Windows 10. It does not support any console platforms or online multiplayer.

Single or Multiplayer Options

When it comes to single player options, Stellaris offers a variety of scenarios as well as sandbox mode. In sandbox mode you can customize the starting conditions of a game such as location of starting star systems, number of players in the game world, etc. Meanwhile Endless Space 2 offers five unique storylines that you can complete in single player mode.

When it comes to multiplayer modes both games offer a variety of options. In Stellaris you can play with up to 32 players in an online match or host a local game on your own computer with up to 8 players. Meanwhile Endless Space 2 offers up to 8 players in a local match or online matchmaking for up to 4 players.

In addition both games offer various modding options for customizing your gaming experience even further. With Stellaris you can create custom scenarios and campaigns as well as modify existing ones while Endless Space 2 allows you to create custom races and modify existing ones as well as add new events into the game world.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the gameplay features of Stellaris and Endless Space 2?
A: In Stellaris, you take on the role of a space-faring empire as you explore the universe, expand your influence, and interact with other alien civilizations. You can customize your empire by choosing from a variety of unique races and traits, as well as develop advanced technologies to make your empire more powerful. Endless Space 2 is a turn-based 4X strategy game in which players can explore an infinite universe, build empires, and engage in diplomacy with various alien factions. Players can choose from eight different factions to lead, each with its own unique abilities and bonuses. Combat is also an important part of the game, with players able to customize their fleets and engage in tactical space battles.

Q: Which game has better graphics?
A: Both games offer great visuals. Stellaris features detailed 3D models and textures for all its ships and structures as well as vibrant colors and lighting effects throughout the game. Endless Space 2 also offers impressive visuals with its colorful art style and detailed 3D models for ships and structures. However, Endless Space 2’s visuals may be more appealing to some players due to its more cartoonish art style.

Q: Is there a difference in sound/music between Stellaris and Endless Space 2?
A: Yes, there is a difference in sound/music between Stellaris and Endless Space 2. Stellaris features a sci-fi soundtrack composed by Andreas Waldetoft while Endless Space 2 has a more orchestral soundtrack composed by FlybyNo. Both soundtracks are quite fitting for their respective games but they do differ significantly in terms of flavor.

Q: What are player reviews like for each game?
A: Player reviews for both games are generally positive. Stellaris has an overall “Very Positive” rating on Steam with most players praising its depth, engaging gameplay mechanics, memorable soundtrack, mod support, and replayability. Meanwhile Endless Space 2 has an overall “Very Positive” rating on Steam as well with most players praising its unique factions, solid combat system, great visuals, engaging storylines, mod support, and replayability. //Codewars //meeandre99

Q: How much do both games cost? Are there any deals on purchase?
A: The current price for both games is $39.99 USD on Steam. However there are occasionally discounts or sales on both games so it’s worth checking regularly if you’re looking to save some money!

The conclusion is that Stellaris and Endless Space 2 are both great games. While each game has its own strengths and weaknesses, they both provide a unique and highly engaging experience. Stellaris offers a grand strategy game in space with a lot of depth and replay value, while Endless Space 2 offers an interactive, narrative-driven experience with a wide variety of races and factions to choose from. Ultimately, the best game for you will depend on your individual preferences for gameplay and story elements.

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