Unlock Your Destiny: A Guide to the Deepening Wake in Destiny 2

The Deepening Wake is an Destiny 2 activity featuring challenging encounters and exclusive rewards.

The Deepening Wake Destiny 2

The Deepening Wake is a new expansion for Destiny 2 that will be released on September 22nd. Situated in the Dreaming City, guardians will find themselves in the depths of a world full of mystery. Along their way, players will face off against Cabals, Taken and other foes while seeking to uncover truths and secrets long forgotten by time. With new weapons, armor sets and activities, this latest expansion promises plenty of adventure for fans of Destiny 2. The Deepening Wake provides a unique challenge with its perplexing and unpredictable environment, as new pathways and dangers open up around every corner. Engage in epic battles as you journey through challenging trials and gain epic rewards along the way! Unearth powerful artifacts to aid you in your quest and explore the depths of the Dreaming City to discover its secrets for yourself. Experience all this and more as you join forces with allies to take on whatever might await you in The Deepening Wake.


The Deepening Wake is an upcoming sci-fi action-adventure game developed by High Castle Games. It is slated for release on July 27th, 2020. The game is set in a distant future where humanity has spread throughout the galaxy and encountered powerful alien races, some hostile. Players take control of a special forces unit known as the Deepening Wake, tasked with protecting humanity from these alien threats.

Gameplay Overview

The core gameplay of The Deepening Wake revolves around real-time action combat. Players will explore a variety of environments while battling their way through hordes of enemies, both human and alien. In addition to shooting and melee combat, players will also be able to deploy special weapons and abilities to gain an edge in battle. As players progress through the game, they will level up their character by earning experience points to unlock new abilities and upgrades for their weapons and armor.

Expansion Features

The Deepening Wake will feature both single player and multiplayer content at launch. In addition to the main story missions, players will be able to play against each other in cooperative challenges or compete against one another in special daily events offering unique rewards.

Weapons and Armor Upgrade System

In order to upgrade their weapons and armor, players will need to utilize an in-game currency system known as Power. This currency can be earned by completing missions or participating in daily challenges, and can then be used to purchase upgrades for the players equipment or buy new items from vendors scattered throughout the world. Players can also craft items using resources found in the environment or purchased from vendors with Power. As players craft higher level items, they will also unlock access to more powerful weapon and armor upgrades that provide greater benefits than those available at lower crafting levels.


In addition to fighting AI enemies, The Deepening Wake offers several cooperative challenge modes where players can team up with one another against other teams of players or AI opponents. These challenges may have unique objectives such as capturing specific points on a map or completing story-based missions within a certain time limit. The game also offers weekly narrative challenges which offer unique rewards upon completion such as exclusive weapon skins or rare gear pieces not available anywhere else in the game world.

Combat Mechanics

The Deepening Wake Destiny 2 offers an intuitive aiming and positioning system that provides a great challenge for players. This system allows players to quickly and accurately adjust their aim and position in order to take out enemies efficiently. Furthermore, the game features a variety of enemy types that will test the players skill level as they fight their way through the game. From the default Humanoid Combatant type to the more powerful Fallen, Cabal, Hive, Vex and Taken enemies, players will need to be prepared for all kinds of situations.


The Deepening Wake Destiny 2 also offers players various customization options to create a unique loadout as they tackle missions. Players can customize their character profile with various textures, colors and items from their inventory. Additionally, they can alter the look of their weapons and armor by changing their appearance or adding special effects like decals or engravings. Players are also able to equip payloads such as perks, boosters and support items in order to better suit their playstyle.

Narrative and Plot

One of the major aspects of The Deepening Wake Destiny 2 is its narrative and plot development which is key in engaging players in the campaign missions. As players progress through missions they will be introduced to different characters that will help them understand the story behind each mission better. Additionally, as players progress through missions they will uncover strange phenomena across worlds’ leading them deeper into The Deepening Wake’s lore.

Equipment/Gear Upgrades

The Deepening Wake Destiny 2 also offers equipment upgrades that allow players to level up powerful gear for custom builds. Players can customize weaponry by adding specific modifications like scopes or barrels that increase accuracy or damage output while protective shields offer extra protection against enemies attacks. Additionally, there are various cosmetic items such as decals, paint jobs or engravings that can be used to make weapons look more unique. All these upgrades allow for greater customization options when it comes to creating a personal build tailored to ones playstyle.

Roles/Jobs/Quests/Exploring Environments

The Deepening Wake Destiny 2 offers many different activities for players to participate in ranging from essential missions which require teamwork between multiple players all the way up to solo activities which require individual skill levels being tested against enemies or puzzles inside dungeons or caves across worlds’. Furthermore, there are different methods available for exploring environments either by completing side-quests assigned by NPCs or even taking on jobs from NPCs which offer rewards upon completion making sure everyone has something fun to do at all times during their playthroughs of The Deepening Wake Destiny 2!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the story setting of The Deepening Wake Destiny 2?
A: The Deepening Wake Destiny 2 is set in a far-future universe, where humanity has colonized many worlds and civilizations have risen and fallen. The players join an elite group of Guardians as they traverse the solar system to protect humanity from outside threats and uncover secrets about the past.

Q: What are some of the core game mechanics?
A: The core game mechanics in The Deepening Wake Destiny 2 involve exploration, engaging combat, character customisation, weapon upgrades, and cooperative challenges. Players must also manage their resources such as currency and loot to progress further in the game.

Q: What are some of the multiplayer content available?
A: The multiplayer content in The Deepening Wake Destiny 2 includes cooperative challenges against other players such as raids and Strikes, weekly narrative challenges with unique rewards, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches.

Q: How does the weapon upgrade system work?
A: Players can upgrade their weapons and armor using an in-game currency system called Glimmer. By controlling their power levels through crafting level progressions, they can customize their loadouts with different payloads, perks, boosters, cosmetics, mods, support items etc.

Q: What kind of narrative is included in the game?
A: The Deepening Wake Destiny 2 features a compelling story that develops over time through event-to-event missions. Players will be able to follow this narrative as they explore different environments and complete quests while uncovering strange phenomena across various worlds.

The Deepening Wake Destiny 2 is a fantastic expansion of the popular Destiny 2 game. It has a lot to offer, from a new raid and strike missions to new weapons and armor sets. With its unique content and stunning visuals, The Deepening Wake Destiny 2 is sure to be a hit with fans of the franchise. With its immersive storylines and improved mechanics, it is sure to provide players with hours of entertainment.

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