Can the 450 Bushmaster Fit Into 223 Magazines? – A Guide to Help You Decide

No, the 450 Bushmaster will not fit into 223 Mags.

Will 450 Bushmaster Fit In 223 Mags

No, 450 Bushmaster will not fit into .223 magazines. The two cartridges are simply too different in size and shape to be compatible with one another. The 450 Bushmaster has a much larger case than the .223 Rem cartridge and a significantly longer neck which makes it impossible for it to fit into a .223 magazine. Additionally, because of the increased power of the 450 Bushmaster compared to the .223, ammunition designed for it must be built strong enough to handle its greater pressures, so that strength prevents the rounds from fitting snugly into a standard .223 magazine.

Will 450 Bushmaster Fit In 223 Mags?

The 450 Bushmaster cartridge is a new, modern rifle cartridge that has become increasingly popular among hunters and target shooters. It has a relatively large diameter and short overall length, making it well-suited for use in AR-15-style rifles. This has led to the question of whether or not it will fit in magazines designed for the much smaller 223 Remington cartridge. This article will take a look at the dimensions and performance specs of the 450 Bushmaster and compare them to those of 223 magazines to determine if they are compatible.

Overview of 450 Bushmaster Cartridge

The 450 Bushmaster cartridge has dimensions that are very different from those of 223 Remington rounds. The base diameter is .452 while the shoulder diameter is .475. It also has an overall length of 2.260 which is significantly longer than the 2.125 found in common 223 cartridges. This makes it much larger than the standard rifle rounds used in AR-15s, so it will not fit in magazines designed for 223 Remington ammunition without modifications.

Performance wise, the 450 Bushmaster produces muzzle velocities ranging from 2200 to 2400 feet per second depending on bullet weight with energy levels ranging between 2500 and 3700 foot pounds depending on bullet weight as well. This performance far surpasses that of typical 223 rounds, making it an excellent choice for hunting larger game or target shooting at extended ranges.

Features of 223 Magazines

223 magazines come in a variety of designs and sizes ranging from 5 rounders to 100 round drums, but all feature a small diameter that allows them to fit into AR-15 style rifles without modification. The magazine body itself usually measures between 1 and 1 wide while its feed lip measures approximately 0.400 wide which allows it to feed smaller cartridges like the .223 Remington round reliably without jamming or misfeeds due to size discrepancies between rounds within the magazine itself.

Most factory standard magazines have capacities ranging anywhere from 5 to 30 rounds with aftermarket offerings allowing users to increase capacity up to 100+ rounds if desired but this may lead to feeding issues when loading larger cartridges like the 450 Bushmaster into these magazines due to their large base diameter compared with that of a standard .223 Remington cartridge..

Reasons To Choose 450 Bushmaster Rounds In 223 Mags

Using 450 Bushmaster cartridges in magazines designed for .223 Remington ammunition can be beneficial for certain applications due its increased power compared with standard rifle ammunition used in AR-15 style firearms such as hunting large game at extended distances or target shooting at long range targets where accuracy is paramount over velocity and other considerations. Additionally, because both cartridges are similar enough dimensionally speaking, they can share ammo benefits such as being able to use both types interchangeably without having to switch out magazines every time you want to fire one type over another which can save time and money when out on hunting trips or target shooting excursions where both types may be needed..

Compatibility Issue For Using The Two Cartridges Together

The compatibility issue lies mainly in two areas: sharing ammo benefits and caliber mismatches between rounds within a given magazine. As stated before, sharing ammo benefits is possible because both cartridges are similar enough dimensionally speaking but there may be issues when loading larger 450 bushmasters into smaller capacity 223 magazines due their increased base diameter compared with that of a standard .223 remington cartridge which could cause feeding issues or even jams if too many are loaded into one magazine at once.. Additionally, if multiple calibers are loaded into one magazine then there could be issues with caliber mismatches between individual rounds as some could potentially get stuck inside the chamber due their size differences causing further malfunctions while firing..

Ammunition Type Selection

When considering the use of a 450 Bushmaster in 223 magazines, it is important to consider the type of ammunition to be used. This is because different types of ammunition have different characteristics and can affect the performance of your firearm. The most common types of ammunition for 223 magazines are full metal jacket (FMJ) and soft-point (SP) rounds. FMJ rounds are typically more accurate while SP rounds are generally better for hunting due to their expansion upon impact. Additionally, there are some specialty rounds such as frangible, hollow point, and armor-piercing that may be used in certain applications.

When selecting the right type of ammunition for your firearm, it is important to consider the intended purpose as well as the type of magazine being used. For example, if you plan on using your firearm for hunting, then an SP round would likely be the best option for use in a 223 magazine. On the other hand, if you plan on using your firearm for target shooting or competition shooting then a FMJ round might be more suitable.

Reloading Options

In addition to selecting the right type of ammunition for use in a 223 magazine with a 450 Bushmaster cartridge, there are also reloading options available that can provide further customization based on individual needs and preferences. Reloading involves taking apart spent cartridges and replacing them with fresh components such as primer, powder, bullet and case mouth sealant before reassembling them into new cartridges.

Reloading allows shooters to customize their loads by choosing different bullet weights and powder charges which can result in greater accuracy or more power depending on what is desired from each individual shot fired from their rifle. Additionally, reloading provides an opportunity to save money by purchasing bulk components instead of buying individual factory loaded cartridges.

Magazine Loading Mechanics

When loading magazines with 450 Bushmaster cartridges it is important to understand how magazines work so that they can be properly loaded and unloaded without any issues or malfunctions occurring. A magazine consists of several internal components including a follower which pushes cartridges up towards the barrel chamber when pressure is applied from new rounds being inserted into the magazines body above it; this ensures that each round will feed correctly into the chamber when fired.

It is important to remember that when inserting rounds into a magazine they should always be pushed down towards the follower until they click into place otherwise they may not feed correctly when pressure from firing is applied causing failure-to-feed malfunctions or jams which could lead to dangerous situations such as accidental discharge or damage to your firearms action components due to improper loading techniques being used. Additionally, when unloading magazines it is important to always remove all rounds from them before storing them away safely in order avoid any potential negligent discharges occurring when handling firearms at a later date due to having live rounds still inside their magazines while not being actively monitored by their owners.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Does 450 Bushmaster fit in 223 Mags?
A: The short answer is no, the two cartridges are not compatible and therefore cannot be used in the same magazine. The 450 Bushmaster cartridge is larger than the 223 and its size will not permit it to fit into a 223 magazine.

Q: What are the dimensions of the 450 Bushmaster cartridge?
A: The dimensions of the 450 Bushmaster cartridge are 2.26 in length with a .452 diameter. It has a rebated rim which gives it a case head diameter of .532.

Q: What performance specs does the 450 Bushmaster have?
A: The 450 Bushmaster offers excellent performance specs. It can reach velocities up to 2,200 fps with muzzle energy of over 2,650 ft-lbs when used with appropriate grain weight projectiles.

Q: What features do 223 magazines have?
A: 223 magazines typically feature an aluminum or polymer design that allows for durability and lightness in weight. They generally hold between 5-30 rounds, depending on the design and manufacturer, and are designed for easy loading and unloading of rounds.

Q: Are there any compatibility issues when using both cartridges together?
A: There are compatibility issues to consider when using both cartridges together, particularly when attempting to share ammo between them or trying to use one magazine for both calibers. The major issue is that due to their different sizes, they may not feed correctly which could lead to jams or misfires if you use them interchangeably in one magazine. Additionally, due to their different calibers, they may not have similar ballistics or accuracy when used together so you should always test your setup before using it for any high pressure applications such as hunting or self-defense situations.

In conclusion, the 450 Bushmaster will not fit in 223 Mags. The cartridges are of a different size and shape which do not allow them to fit in the same magazine. As a result, it is necessary to use magazines specifically designed for the 450 Bushmaster cartridge.

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