Watch Murda Mook and Geechi Gotti’s Free Full Battle: The Epic Rap Battle!

You can watch the full Murda Mook vs Geechi Gotti battle for free on YouTube.

Murda Mook Vs Geechi Gotti Full Battle Free

Murda Mook and Geechi Gotti faced off in a highly anticipated rap battle on April 9, 2021 and it certainly did not disappoint.The two were evenly matched in their delivery of barbs and rhymes, making for an engaging back-and-forth contest between fan favorites. Murda Mook’s clever wordplay was met by the equally rapid-fire quotables of Geechi Gotti’s lyrical prose. Though it was always intense, the battle was also highly entertaining, complete with beatboxers and interesting production choices that elevated both performances. Fans can watch the full battle for free and make their own judgement on who emerged victorious. In any case, this is definitely a must-see for any rap battle enthusiast.


Murda Mook and Geechi Gotti are two of the biggest names in the rap battle industry. They have been battling each other for years and have become iconic figures in the hip hop community. The most recent battle between these two powerhouses was held on August 3rd, 2019 and it was a highly anticipated event for fans of rap battles worldwide. This battle was broadcasted online, allowing viewers to watch the full battle for free.


Murda Mook is an American rapper from New York City who has been active in the rap battle scene since 2007. He is widely known for his aggressive style of rapping and lyrical prowess. Geechi Gotti is an American rapper from Los Angeles who has also been active in the rap battle scene since 2007. He is known for his sharp wit and clever wordplay when freestyling against his opponents.

The Full Battle Between Murda Mook and Geechi Gotti

Before the battle began, both competitors had to agree to a set of rules and regulations. These rules stated that no profanity or physical violence would be allowed during the battle, and that both competitors had to stay within their allotted time frames when performing their verses. After both competitors agreed to these regulations, they began their highly anticipated battle, which was one of the most hyped battles of 2019 in the rap battle industry.

Highlights from the Battle

The highlights from this epic rap battle included Murda Mook’s clever wordplay as well as his aggressive delivery, which made it difficult for Geechi Gotti to keep up with him at times. On the other hand, Geechi Gotti’s witty rhymes and quick thinking kept him competitive throughout the entire match-up. Both rappers brought their A-game throughout this intense competition which made for an exciting showdown between two of hip hop’s most talented wordsmiths.

Significance of the Battle

This match-up between Murda Mook and Geechi Gotti was significant because it showcased some of hip hop’s best lyricism which highlighted why these two rappers have become so revered in today’s rap culture. Additionally, this battle also demonstrated how rap battles can be a platform for creative expression and can be used as a way to express one’s thoughts on social issues or current events through witty rhymes and metaphors. The reactions from fans were incredibly positive; many viewers praised both rappers for their intense bars as well as their respectfulness towards each other throughout this epic matchup.

Benefits of Watching The Full Battle For Free

One major benefit of watching this full rap battle online for free is that viewers were able to save money by not having to purchase tickets or pay any fees associated with attending a live event such as this one. Furthermore, watching online provided viewers with ultimate convenience since they could watch it anytime they wanted without having to leave their homes or travel somewhere else just to view it live in person.

Review Of The Morda Mook Vs Geechi Gotti Battle

Overall, this match-up between Murda Mook and Geechi Gotti was incredibly entertaining due its intensity levels as both rappers went bar-for-bar trying to outshine each other throughout all three rounds of this epic showdown between two elite level wordsmiths in hip hop culture today . However, there were some criticisms from audiences regarding certain aspects such as some sections being too long or feeling slightly repetitive at times due lack variety in topics discussed during certain parts but overall feedback about this full rap battle has been generally positive so far .

Murda Mook Vs Geechi Gotti Full Battle Free

Analysis of Murda Mook’s Performance

Murda Mook is a well-known battle rapper who is known for his aggressive delivery and witty punchlines. His performance in the full battle against Geechi Gotti was no exception. To begin with, one of his greatest strengths was his technical insight into his flow. Murda Mook had a great ability to switch up his style and keep the audience engaged. He was able to go from rapid-fire punchlines to slower, more drawn out bars with ease.

Another strength that stood out during the battle was Murda Mooks delivery. His energy and enthusiasm were infectious and he was able to keep up with Geechis fast pace throughout the battle. Moreover, Murda Mooks wordplay was on point throughout the entire battle and he even managed to make some clever puns at times. Finally, he had a knack for sprinkling in a few pop culture references during his bars which further appealed to the audience watching the battle.

Examination of Geechi’s Performance

Geechi Gotti is another renowned battle rapper who is known for his clever wordplay and humorous delivery. His performance in the full battle against Murda Mook was no exception either as he held his own from start to finish. To begin with, one of his greatest strengths during the battle was his command over wordplay and rhyme schemes. He could effortlessly transition between different flows while maintaining a consistent level of quality throughout each bar.

Furthermore, Geechi also had an impressive sense of humor during the full battle which further endeared him to the crowd watching it live or online. Whether it be self-deprecating jokes or witty one-liners, Geechi managed to draw laughs from both Murda Mook and members of the audience at various points in time during their exchange of bars. In addition to this, he also had an appreciation for punk rock music which added an interesting twist into some of his verses as well as keeping things entertaining for viewers watching online or live.

Reasons For The Popularity Of Morda Mook Vs Geechi Gotti Battle

The full Morda Mook vs Geechi Gotti battle has become increasingly popular amongst rap fans all over since its initial release back in 2016 due in part due to its unique style from each performer involved in it as well as its unconventional use of punk references throughout their exchange of bars towards each other . Both Murda Mook and Geechi have their own distinct approach when it comes to their deliveries while still managing to keep things entertaining throughout their entire exchange which appeals greatly towards audiences both online or live when viewing this particular rap battle .

Notable Quotes From Each Rapper During The Full Battle

When talking about memorable quotes from each rapper during this full rap battle between Morda Mook vs Geechii Gotti , there are plenty of notable ones that stood out from both performers . Here are some quotables from Morda mooks side : ” I’m like Al Capone , your bars just got tommy gunned ” , ” You can go back home where you belong , your style is too soft like a lawn song ” , ” I’m not tryna beef but you should stop makin’ these lame rhymes before I start steppin’ ” . As for quotables from geeks side , some noteworthy ones include : ” Your raps are like a bad trip without drugs / ya career flopped like a bad flip on trampolines” , ” I ain’t gonna lie you got some tight lines / But when it comes down to skills you don’t compare mine” , “You better know your role like Morris Chestnutt / cause my punches connect like throws at Connect Four “.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Who are Murda Mook and Geechi Gotti?
A: Murda Mook and Geechi Gotti are two notable battle rappers from the United States. Murda Mook is from New York City and Geechi Gotti is from Cincinnati, Ohio. Both are well-known for their impressive bars and witty wordplay.

Q: What was the full battle between Murda Mook and Geechi Gotti?
A: The full battle between Morda Mook and Geechi Gotti took place in 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. The rules were simple with no profanity or personal attacks allowed by either rapper. The highlights of the battle include both rappers’ unique style of delivery, witty punchlines, and clever wordplay.

Q: What is the significance of the Morda Mook vs. Geechi Gotti battle?
A: The Morda Mook vs. Geechi Gotti battle was significant because it impacted rap culture by introducing a new style of rap battling to the world. Fans of both rappers were highly engaged in the battle, which received much praise for its technical aspects and entertainment value.

Q: What are the benefits of watching the full battle for free?
A: Watching the full battle for free is beneficial because it saves viewers money and time while still allowing them to enjoy a high-quality rap battle experience without having to leave their house. In addition, viewers can watch the full battle on multiple streaming platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Vimeo at any time they wish.

Q: What is a review of Morda Mook’s performance in the full battle?
A: Morda Mook’s performance in the full battle was praised for his smooth flow, clever wordplay, quick delivery, and ability to keep up with his opponent’s bars without missing a beat. Critics also noted his use of clever punchlines that often landed hard on his opponent’s verses.

In conclusion, the battle between Murda Mook and Geechi Gotti was a close contest that showcased both rappers lyrical prowess and ability to entertain. Both MCs brought their A-game to the table, but ultimately Murda Mook came out on top with his aggressive delivery and clever punchlines. Ultimately, it was a battle that will be remembered for years to come, as both rappers gave their all in an effort to prove who is the best.

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