The Ultimate Blood Bowl 2 Tier List: Find Out Which Teams Reign Supreme

Blood Bowl 2’s Tier List is regularly updated based on the current meta.

Blood Bowl 2 Tier List

Blood Bowl 2 Tier List is a helpful guide that allows players to easily determine the relative power level of the many races available in the game. It provides an unbiased and accurate evaluation of the various teams, and gives players a great insight into how each race may perform in real-world scenarios. The tiers are arranged from highest to lowest, with S Tier being the most powerful. Each team is then listed within each tier, with further details of specific strengths and weaknesses. With this helpful tool, players can now easily choose which team to compete with against their opponents.

Blood Bowl 2 Tier List

Blood Bowl 2 is an intense, turn-based strategy game with a unique blend of fantasy and football. It is an incredibly deep and complex game, and in order to succeed, youll need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team. With that in mind, we have put together this tier list to help you make informed decisions on which teams are best to use.


Blood Bowl 2 features 16 teams from 8 different races: Humans, Dwarves, Skaven, High Elves, Dark Elves, Chaos Dwarves, Orcs and Chaos. Each team has its own strengths and weaknesses which can be used to your advantage when playing the game. However, some teams are much stronger than others meaning that choosing the right team for the job is essential for success.

Ranking Criteria

In order to rank the teams into tiers we looked at a variety of factors including: Strength of players (measured via SPP), flexibility (measured via number of positions available), speed (measured via MA rating) and cost (measured via TV rating). We then compared each teams strengths and weaknesses against one another in order to determine which ones are most likely to win games.

Tier 1 Teams

The Tier 1 teams are considered the strongest in Blood Bowl 2. They have a good mix of strong players with high SPP ratings as well as plenty of flexibility with a good number of positions available for each race. In addition, they also have good speed ratings (MA) which can help them counter opponents who might be slower than them. Finally, their cost is also relatively low meaning that they wont break your bank when building your team.
Pros: Strong players with high SPP ratings; Good flexibility; Good speed; Low cost
Cons: None

Tier 2 Teams

The Tier 2 teams are not quite as strong as the Tier 1 teams but they still offer plenty of advantages in certain situations. Their players have slightly lower SPP ratings but they make up for this with their higher MA ratings which allow them to outrun opponents more easily. In addition, they also offer more flexibility than some of the other tiers with more positions available for each race. Finally, their cost is still relatively low meaning that they wont break your bank when building your team either.
Pros: Lower SPP ratings; Higher MA ratings; More flexibility; Low cost
Cons: Not as strong as Tier 1 teams

Tier 3 Teams

The Tier 3 teams are not quite as strong or flexible as the previous tiers but they do offer one major advantage their players have higher experience levels than those in previous tiers making them better equipped to handle tougher opponents. In addition, their cost is slightly higher than those in lower tiers making them a bit more expensive but still within reach for most budgets.
Pros: Higher experience levels; Slightly higher cost
Cons: Not as strong or flexible as lower tiers

Tier 4 Teams

The Tier 4 teams are considered the weakest in Blood Bowl 2 while their players have decent SPP ratings they do not offer much else in terms of advantages due to their lack of flexibility or speed compared to other tiers. In addition, their cost is also relatively high making them difficult for most budgets to afford without significant investment from other sources such as sponsorship deals or player trading/sales etc..
Pros: Decent SPP ratings
Cons: Lack of flexibility/speed; High cost

Blood Bowl 2 Tier List

Blood Bowl 2 is a strategy game based on the popular board game. It features two teams of different races competing against each other in a battle for victory. The game has a variety of different teams, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the composition of your team, it is possible to create an effective strategy to win matches. In this article, we will be looking at a tier list of all the teams in Blood Bowl 2.

Dark Elf Team Analysis

The Dark Elves are one of the most powerful teams in Blood Bowl 2. A key feature of their play style is their ability to fly around the pitch with ease. This allows them to quickly move around and position themselves into advantageous spots on the field. Their main offensive tactic involves using their high agility and speed stats to quickly advance upfield and score goals.

Their roll mechanic also plays an important role in their playstyle. This allows them to have multiple players contribute towards scoring goals by rolling dice which can increase the chances of success when attacking or defending against opponents. When playing Dark Elves, it is important to mix and match strategies effectively in order to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Human Team Analysis

Humans are one of the most balanced teams in Blood Bowl 2, with both strong offensive and defensive capabilities. Their speed and strength combo makes them difficult opponents for any team that faces them on the pitch. Utilizing this combination effectively will be key when playing Humans as you can use it to set up powerful attacks or defend against opponents looking to score goals from long distances away.

When playing Humans, it is important to utilize their full potential as they have access to a variety of different tactics that can be used both offensively and defensively when going up against other teams on the field. Using these tactics effectively can give you an edge over your opponents as you can use them to surprise them with unexpected moves or outsmart them in critical situations during matches.

Wood Elf Team Analysis

Wood Elves are one of the most agile teams in Blood Bowl 2 due to their high speed stat which allows them to quickly move around the pitch and outmaneuver their opponents who may not be as nimble or fast on their feet as they are. Capitalizing on this advantage should be a priority when playing Wood Elves as you can use it to quickly move into advantageous positions which will make it easier for you score points against your opponent’s goal line defense or counterattack swiftly if you are being assaulted by enemy players from long distances away from your own goal line defense area.

Defense mechanics also become accessible when playing Wood Elves as they have access to multiple defensive options such as dodging, blocking, intercepting passes, etc., which they can use effectively against opposing players who may be trying to attack them directly or through indirect methods such as passing around the pitch before finally making a shot at your goal line defense area from long distances away from where your players may not even be able to reach in time before they get scored upon by enemy players who have gained ground ahead thanks do some swift movement enabled by their agility advantage over other teams who don’t share similar mobility capabilities like Wood Elves do .

Orcs Team Analysis

Orcs are one of the most aggressive teams in Blood Bowl 2 due do their high strength stat which allows them hit hard and take down enemy players without much difficulty if they manage land successful blows with maximum damage output possible from single strikes made with their weapons and fists respectively . This aggression should also be utilized effectively when using Orcs , creating opportunities through aggressive plays which involve taking risks that will give you better chances at succeeding compared more safe approaches taken by less daring players who might play more conservatively .

Diversity also plays an important role when using Orcs ,as there are various strategies that can be used depending on what type of match-up you find yourself facing . Offensively , rushing forward with maximum brute force might work best but when defending , setting up traps or zoning off certain areas could prove more successful depending on how well adapted your team is towards implementing various exotic tactics that might not usually work for other teams who lack both strength and aggression related skills possessed by Orcs exclusively .

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is a Blood Bowl 2 Tier List?
A: A Blood Bowl 2 Tier List is a ranking system that categorizes teams according to their competitiveness in the game. The tier list ranks teams from Tier 1 (most competitive) to Tier 4 (least competitive).

Q: What criteria are used to rank the teams?
A: The criteria used to rank teams are based on their overall performance, team composition, and strategy. Teams are evaluated on their strengths and weaknesses and rated accordingly.

Q: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Tier 1 teams?
A: The advantages of Tier 1 teams include strong team composition, powerful strategies, and the ability to outplay opponents. The disadvantages of Tier 1 teams include a lack of variety in tactics and an inability to adapt quickly to changing situations.

Q: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Tier 4 teams?
A: The advantages of Tier 4 teams include an abundance of tactical options, versatility in team composition, and creativity in strategy. The disadvantages of Tier 4 teams include difficulty with offensive playmaking and a lack of consistency in performance.

Q: How can I get better at playing with a Dark Elf Team?
A: To get better at playing with a Dark Elf Team it is important to understand their flight paths, roll mechanics, offensive mix & match strategies as these will help you maximize your team’s potential. Additionally, practicing game scenarios will provide you with valuable experience that will help you improve your game over time.

The Blood Bowl 2 Tier List is a valuable tool for any fan of the game. It provides an up-to-date snapshot of the current meta, which can be used to help players make informed decisions when constructing their teams. While the list is not perfect, it serves as a useful reference point for players looking to maximize their success in the game. Ultimately, the best way to get better at Blood Bowl is through practice and experience, but having a clear understanding of the power level of each team can help give players an edge when competing against opponents.

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