Smash Ultimate 14.0 Patch Notes: All the Latest Updates for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Smash Ultimate 14.0 Patch Notes include updates to fighter moves, balance adjustments, online mode enhancements, and more.

Smash Ultimate 14.0 Patch Notes

The latest version of Smash Ultimate has arrived! Nintendo’s 14.0 patch, released on May 27th, brings a whole host of tweaks and adjustments that are sure to shake up the competitive scene. Specifically, this patch notes update introduces balance changes to the stages, fighters and items of Smash Ultimate.

The main changes are: stage selection during battle has been adjusted, new fighters like Pyra/Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 have been added, and various buffs and nerfs have been applied to make the game fairer overall. On top of that, there are new spirits to battle with alongside updated rules for tourney legal options.

These changes may seem minor at first glance, but they can immensely shape how players approach the game. Veterans will have their strategies redefined as they adapt to the shifts in the metagame; newcomers will find that their opportunities have broadened with fresh fighters and ways to play out matches; everyone will get a seemingly different experience with how dynamic each match can now be!

New Fighters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 14.0 will introduce two new fighters: Joker from the Persona series and Hero from the Dragon Quest series. With these additions, the total number of fighters in the game will be 74.

Character Changes

The 14.0 patch will bring a few changes to existing characters. Captain Falcon’s dash attack has been adjusted, and Zero Suit Samus has had her up-special move tweaked to make it easier to hit opponents with it. Overall, these changes are meant to make the game more balanced and enjoyable for everyone.

Stage Changes

The Pirate Ship stage has been removed from the roster in this update, but a brand new stage has been added to take its place. This new stage is sure to provide a fresh and exciting experience for all players!

Stage Variants

In addition to the new stage, there are also two additional variants of existing stages added in this patch. First is a Battlefield variant of Final Destination which features a slightly different layout with an extra platform at the bottom of the stage. The second is a Final Destination variant of Battlefield which features an additional platform at the top of the stage as well as some minor variations on obstacles and walls on either side of the main platform.

Weapon Tweaks

Finally, weapons have also received some minor adjustments in this update. Bombs have been tweaked so that their explosion radius is slightly larger than before, while beams have been adjusted so that they have more directional influence when used against opponents. All these tweaks are meant to make weapons more effective during battle and provide an exciting experience for all players!

Tournament Rules Tweaks

The 14.0 patch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has implemented some significant tweaks to the games tournament rules. The most notable of these changes is the addition of elimination rule settings, allowing players to choose between the standard best-of-five format or a best-of-seven format for their tournaments. In addition, pausing has been modified so that players can pause and resume their matches without having to restart the entire match from the beginning. This should help players avoid potential situations where an accidental pause could disrupt a match in progress.

Online Match Modes Updates

A major update to Super Smash Bros. Ultimates online match modes is the addition of a spectator mode, allowing viewers to watch other players matches live from any region around the world. Another exciting new feature is Echo Fighters being added to WHO’S SMASH! Mode, which allows players to choose from a variety of characters based on their personal preferences when creating a new battle room.

User Interface Changes

In addition to the online match mode updates, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 14.0 also includes changes to portraits and search methods in order for players to easily find their opponents before a match begins. Furthermore, restrictions have been put into place for Smash tags: players are now limited to only one tag per character, meaning they cannot use multiple tags for different characters within a single battle room.

Miscellaneous Adjustments

The final set of adjustments included in version 14.0 are miscellaneous additions meant to improve the overall user experience on Super Smash Bros Ultimate. One such addition is a stock UI that allows players to view each stock (or life) remaining in battle rooms while playing online or locally with friends or strangers alike. Additionally, reversed input detection has been enabled so that if you happen to accidentally press two buttons at once during a fight, you won’t be punished with an incorrect input as long as it’s within an acceptable range of time and directionality.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What fighters were added in the 14.0 patch?
A: The 14.0 patch added Joker and Hero as new fighters.

Q: What stage changes were made in the 14.0 patch?
A: The 14.0 patch introduced the Pirate Ship stage, as well as variants of the Battlefield and Final Destination stages.

Q: What tweaks were made to weapons in the 14.0 patch?
A: Bombs and beams adjustments were made, along with further changes to directional influence.

Q: What tournament rule tweaks were made in the 14.0 patch?
A: The elimination rule settings were added, and pausing was modified for tournament play.

Q: What user interface changes were made in the 14.0 patch?
A: Changes to portraits and searching methods were implemented, along with a restriction on Smash tags being added.

In conclusion, the Smash Ultimate 14.0 Patch Notes offer a major update to the game with changes to character balance, stages, and ruleset. This patch brings a variety of new features to the game that have been highly requested by the Smash community. Players can look forward to experiencing an improved gaming experience with the exciting new additions included in this version.

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